iRobot launched robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba in 2002, and three years ago it equipped the last flagship model, Roomba 980, with floor mapping technology. Today the company introduced a new robot vacuum cleaner Roomba i7+ with another advanced feature – it empties trash itself.

The iRobot Roomba i7+ comes with Clean Base that doubles up as a charging station as well as a larger bin than any predecessor model. So, once the i7+ is done with vacuum cleaning the house, attach it to the Clean Base which will then suck the entire trash from the robot into the hopper.

iRobot boasts that the newest robotic vacuum cleaner can accommodate dirt, dust, and hair equivalent to 30 robot bins. So, while the i7+ will be auto-cleaned post every cleaning job, the owners will have to empty its trash once per month only. Hope the system doesn’t get choked up in the middle.

If the Clean Base gets filled up, the owner will receive a notification in the Roomba Home app to change the disposal bag. You can say, Roomba i7+ has taken the level of convenience to the next level.

Roomba i7+ vacuum cleaner

i7+ has 10 times the suction power of the Roomba 600 series and twice that of the Roomba 960 model. Source: iRobot

Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Smart Features

The predecessor robotic vacuum cleaner series, Roomba 980, owns a room-mapping feature. The robotic machine gets an array of low-resolution cameras and sensors installed on it. The configuration facilitates Roomba 980 to map the room layout, identify obstacles like a sofa, tables, and chairs and then navigate on the floor effortlessly.

But there is one glitch in the whole process – the 980 series robot vacuum cleaner deletes these maps after each clean.

To overcome this issue, iRobot has fed Roomba i7+ an advanced technology to remember all floor plans of the house and learn to clean the floors in a more efficient manner. The user can also label the individual rooms through Roomba Home app such as kitchen, kids room, etc. The copy of the floor plan will be uploaded to the cloud of the company.

Yes, that throws light on another critical topic of privacy concern. iRobot emphasized the fact that data security is a priority in this case and all the stored information will be encrypted. Plus, it will not share data to any third party without user permission.

And as far, how well the new robotic vacuum cleaner does its job, the company claimed it has 10 times the suction power of Roomba 600 series and twice that of Roomba 960 model. Moreover, i7+ has new rubber brushes that work well on hard floors and carpets and get less entangled that plastic-made bristles.

The smart assistant support on Roomba i7+ makes it further smarter than its earlier versions. The users can command Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to clean the house and leave rest of the things to these smart devices.

Roomba i7+ Price

The new Roomba i7+ together with base disposal station is available to pre-order now for $950 on the iRobot site. A set of three Dirt Disposal Bags will cost around $15.

One can also purchase only the Roomba i7+ vacuum cleaner for $699 and base station separately for $299. The company expects to begin the shipment from September 12.

Roomba’s latest robotic vacuum cleaner is slated to arrive at the stores by next month. Meanwhile, the company is also expected to launch another less advanced version of i7+ robot vacuum, dubbed E5, which will not have smart mapping and self-cleaning functions. It is supposed to be launched at a modest price of $449.