The countdown to the Apple “Let Loose” event has begun, and one of the expected highlights is rumored to be an iPad launch event. The showcase has been scheduled for May 7 at 10 AM ET or 7 AM PT and there are a lot of guesses about what Apple’s announcements could cover, considering their presentations of their plans for AI must be reserved for WWDC 2024 on June 10. The iPad launch rumors were given some legitimacy when fans took a look at the artwork for the Apple Let Loose event and noticed an Apple Pencil in the design, which could just be an announcement for a new Pencil, but could also signal the arrival of an iPad Pro with it. If we are going to see an iPad launch event unfold in May, here are some of the details we’ve gathered from the rumors.

Apple Let Loose event

Image: The 11-inch iPad Pro

iPad Launch Event Coming in May?

Tech page 91Mobiles was among the first to notice that new iPad model numbers had been uploaded to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website, specifically A2836 and A2837. These numbers don’t really explain the exact model of the devices we’re expected to see, but iPad launch rumors suggest it could be new additions to the iPad Pro series and an iPad Air 6. According to the page, a 12.9-inch iPad Air is one possible evolution of the series. The iPad launch event could be an entirely separate presentation on a different day from the Apple Let Loose event, but that seems unlikely.

iPad Pro and iPad Air Specifications

Surprisingly, there are very few leaks on what features and specifications we could see from the new iPad model launch. According to MacRumors, the iPad Pro models’ specifications will include an OLED display and they will feature Apple’s M3 chipset for all their internal functioning. The iPad Air rumors also suggest that we’ll see the device in two sizes, a 10.9-inch screen and the earlier discussed 12.9-inch screen. Leakers have suggested that the bezels could be up to 15 percent thinner this time around as well. 

Additional iPad Pro and iPad Air specifications from 9to5Mac suggest the shift to OLED could mean thinner screens, which tie into leaving us with slimmer iPad models this year. The 11-inch iPad Pro could be 0.8mm thinner, leaving us with a 5.1mm device, while the 12.9-inch model could cut down by 1.5mm, bringing the width down to 5mm. 

EndGadget’s own summary of the possible revelations at the iPad launch event has suggested that Apple might switch to a glass-backed iPad Pro, which would allow for MagSafe charging on the device. The feature would be a much-appreciated upgrade for users who prefer wireless charging tech and want their entire ecosystem of devices to reflect the preference. The front camera could also be moved to the landscape edge of the device, which will be a win for some and a no for others, but that’s what you get from the evolving landscape of technology. 

Will the iPad Pro Specifications Include a M4 Chipset?

The devices were previously expected to launch in March, then leakers suggested an April release, and we’ve now moved our expectations towards a May iPad launch event. Bloomberg’s Apple insider Mark Gurman had reported that the company has ramped up productions on the new iPads, working to “finish software for the new devices.” putting “complex new manufacturing techniques” to good use. He has also suggested that the outdated M2 chips from the previous iPad Pro models would skip the current generation chip entirely and arrive with the M4 instead, which would be a big bump up, bringing much-awaited AI features along with it. 

The new iPad Air specifications, on the other hand, could see an upgrade from the M1 to the M2 chipset. It would be an upgrade but still safely behind the iPad Pro to maintain its status as the superior device. 

Accessory Aspects of the iPad Launch Event

The upcoming iPad Pro could be paired with a new and improved Magic Keyboard for those who like the convenience of switching it into a laptop on the go. Along with this, a new Apple Pencil could also make a debut, which has been hypothesized to have a squeeze gesture added to its capabilities. Leakers have suggested the Pencil could come with differently shaped, interchangeable magnetic tips, which might change the way you use your device. Reports indicate that the Apple Pencil could come with Vision Pro support, which would be great from the Apple product bubble. The Find My feature support is not too shabby either. 

All these iPad launch rumors put together are not as satisfying as seeing the full picture of what Apple has planned for its next iPad launch event, so we’re excited to see what’s in store. It’s been a long time since Apple has released any iPads so it should be interesting to see if they can give users enough of a reason to upgrade from their older devices.