If you’ve ever wanted to laugh on call but couldn’t muster the will to do it, Google’s audio emojis will now do it for you. We can’t remember the last time this was an issue, but someone at the company must’ve had a reason to design the new Google Phone audio emojis and we’d just like to talk to them for a second. Featuring a limited collection of emojis, the Google Phone feature will allow you to tap the icon and have a corresponding sound and its linked graphics play during a call. The Android phone emoji sounds include claps, laughter, celebrations, sad trombones, farts, and the “sting.” The Android phone emoji sound is rolling out in beta channels but you should get your chance to try it out in the next few weeks.

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Image: Pexels

Google Audio Emojis—When Words Just Aren’t Enough to Convey an Emotion

You could probably turn to the person standing next to you on the subway and ask them what Google features they like to see on their phones and they’d likely give you at least a few good ideas on possible Google updates. Emoji sounds on their Android phones while in the middle of a call will not be one of them. The new Google audio emojis are a little tacky, and a little gimmicky and they don’t serve any real purpose because you’ll rarely find yourself pausing your call to choose a reaction sound to fit the mood. It might be funny the first time but three reactions later, your caller might decide it’s easier to text you.

Still, goofy or not, we understand that not every update has to be groundbreaking and this seems to be one of the more lighthearted ones introduced by the company. The Google Phone audio feature was first noted by 9to5Google, with their report giving us a quick glimpse into the six chosen emojis and their joyous sounds. 

What Do Google’s Audio Emojis Do?

When you’re on a call, you should be able to see the Audio Emoji text button right on your screen. Tapping it will show you the six emojis—clapping hands, laughing emoji, party poppers, crying emoji, poop emoji, and the final drums. Selecting any of these options will play the corresponding sound for you and the caller on the line, and the screen background will flash with visuals that echo the sentiment of the icon. 

For example, tapping the crying emoji will play a sad trombone sound while the drawing of an umbrella is shown on the screen, with fat water drops falling from it. Similarly, tapping on the clapping emoji will sound the applause with visuals of hands from all sides of the screen clapping along. This includes some strangely alien frog appendages clapping too. 9to5Google noted that there is a tiny cooldown between uses that prevents how frequently you can use these sound effects—not enough to give the listener some respite but enough that they could chime in to ask you to stop.

The sound effects sound very old school, resembling audio bits you might have heard frequently on older radio and TV shows, so it does evoke some outdated nostalgia if that’s something you enjoy. There should be an option to turn the Google Phone audio emojis on/off in the settings menu, which will allow you to decide if you want the feature around when it is officially released. Turning it off will only toggle your own ability to use the feature–it will not stop others from being able to use it in a call with you so you’re going to have to take your chances with every phone call. 

Want to Try the Google Phone Audio Emoji?

If the Google audio emojis seem like a fun setting that you want to try out, you should first ensure you’re using the right app. The Phone by Google app is where the company is experimenting with these features and if you’re looking for an app other than the one native to your phone, this should do the trick. Cnet states that you can sign up to become a tester for the app right now, which will give you early access to the app’s beta features once you have the latest version downloaded on your phone.

We can see the Google audio emojis getting old really fast, but if nothing can convey how terribly your day went other than a well-timed fart, you might want to go try it out immediately and give Google the feedback they’re looking for.