Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition, launched by Samsung recently, is a smartphone for the Department of Defense operators and the federal government. It is based on the proven success of the previous Galaxy S9 Tactical Edition and promises to be a ‘massive leap forward in tactical mobility’ to achieve military objectives in any tactical environment.

The new edition uses an Android operating system and has the capacity to integrate with drone feeds, radios and GPS. The phone is said to have been tested and fielded in special operations and publicizes it as the ‘only end-user device one will need for mission planning, training, operations and daily use’. It can reportedly also connect with tactical radios and mission systems to increase situational awareness and keep communications open in multi-domain environments.

Samsung announces Galaxy S20

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

The Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is available only in the US to be purchased through specific vendors for the Department of Defense and federal government and is not for general sale.


The smartphone is creatively tailored to assist the tactical teams and operators to quickly and securely process and share mission data across complex terrains, expansive distances between troops and with Command. It is a mission ready solution to address such unique issues and specific needs. It has a pre-configured software that can support tactical radios, laser range finders, drone feeds, external GPS and overall a quite complete view of the mission. There are a variety of durable ruggedized cases, hubs and connectors to fit in any tactical kit for multi-mission potentials.

It also has multiple carrier networks that facilitate use of private SIMs 5G, WiFi 6 and CBRS. Its powerful and efficient 64-bit-Octa-core processor is capable of operating mission applications in the field and enterprise applications anywhere else that the mission takes place.


Some of the exclusive tactical features that the Galaxy S20 possesses are Lock Screen Auto Rotate, Night Vision Mode, Stealth Mode, Dynamic AMOLED 2.0 – a 120Hz display, pro-grade 64 MP camera for high resolution images and 8K video and more fast delivery of information access that the operators need. It is, although a handheld device, but can also be easily connected to a monitor for mission planning purposes. There is also a smart battery available that optimizes application power for conservation of energy.


A special remapped key button is made available on the side for quick one-touch launch/hide of launch mission applications that includes ATAK, APASS and BATDOK. It also features auto-touch sensitivity that automatically adjusts Galaxy S20 TE operation to work even for gloved hands.

This military smartphone is enabled to be used for classified communications. This new Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition has certifications that include NSA’s CSfC Component’s List, DODIN APL, FIPS 140-2, NIAP Common Criteria/MDFPP, DISA Android 10 STIG and an IP68 rating. Designed with two layers of encryption, the phone keeps data safe even when the phone is turned off or in an unauthenticated state. Along with this, its DualDAR enables confident storage of up to top-secret data on the device.

In terms of defense-grade security, its Knox security platform provides agencies with a proven and trusted device for secure voice, video and data communications. The smartphone has a secure telemedicine platform wherein medics can also monitor patients’ vitals remotely and arrange a medical evacuation.

According to Samsung Electronics America VP of sales, Chris Balcik, “We worked diligently with the industry’s most trusted companies to ensure best-in-class software, services, and hardware solutions perform with our devices”.