Samsung Electronics held its (SDC) Samsung Developer Conference, 2023 today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Now in its ninth Samsung Developer Conference 2023 focused on company’s commitment to open innovation and service strategy while highlighting its platforms including Bixby, Samsung Knox, SmartThings and Tizen for developers.

Samsung developer conference 2023 All about smart innovations

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At Samsung Developer Conference 2023, they introduced new ways to create safer, healthier and more sustainable experiences through its multi-device ecosystem, which has been particularly enhanced by new SmartThings connectivity features and an updated Samsung Knox Matrix. The event also spotlighted One UI 6, the latest version of its class-leading mobile user interface, featuring an array of personalized styles and new features for an all-around smartphone experience.

CEO JH Han also emphasized that sustainability and security are the foundation to all of Samsung’s latest updates, as both values are essential for innovating responsibly in a new age of hyperconnectivity.

Improvement in gaming

Samsung showcased the improvement of the Tizen-powered game streaming platform, Samsung Gaming Hub at the Samsung Developers Conference 2023in San Francisco.

Smart Homes More Connected Than Ever

Samsung’s vision of the connected home is deeply rooted in SmartThings and open innovation. The SmartThings Home API1 makes it easier than ever for developers to create SmartThings-based apps, and the SmartThings Context API provides new ways to leverage AI and sensing technology for better user experiences.

Samsung is embedding SmartThings Hub functionality into existing and new products, including Samsung Sound Bars and Smart TVs,

Second generation SmartTag2

Samsung also announced the second-generation SmartTag2 at SDC23. With battery life lasting up to 700 days, 2 an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance and a streamlined and smaller design, the SmartTag2 can follow lost items through rain, snow, and even underground with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity.

Samsung Bixby

Bixby is increasingly integrating with SmartThings. This year, Samsung announced more intuitive command control for multi-device environment. Now, even if multiple devices are connected in the same space, Samsung Bixby intuitively understands which device is best suited to each command, with a deeper understanding of every scenario.

As a growing number of connected devices come together to build these new experiences, security and privacy is more important than ever. Last year, Samsung is updating Knox Matrix’s key features including Credential Sync and Trust Chain. Samsung is also bringing Knox Vault to more devices.

Tizen app development

As per Samsung, Tizen will be in more devices including home appliances with a 7-inch screen while also boosting experiences with on-device AI and the Home AI Edge Hub.

Tizen app development is also powering Samsung’s immersive gaming experiences, including the Samsung Gaming Hub which now supports 3,000 games on the cloud platform, a 300% increase since it was launched last year.

Tizen is also offering increased support for the rising open-source semiconductor architecture RISC-V and the programming language RUST, alongside new features like the Remote Test Lab to test apps and experiences on Samsung TV devices in the cloud.

Samsung One UI 6

The new One UI 6 includes a revamped Quick panel with a refreshed, intuitive look and feel with settings grouped together for easier use. Samsung One UI 6’s new exclusive typeface has also been introduced: One UI Sans, to improve readability on digital screens.

With its ability to provide a personalized and intuitive user experience alongside streamlined capabilities, Samsung One UI 6 truly lets users get more out of their smartphones than ever before.

Samsung Health

Samsung Electronics further used SDC23 to share its enhanced health solutions based on the power of connectivity. New digital health experiences provided by SmartThings and Samsung Food, and a personalized sleep environment are enabled through the better connection of users, devices and services. To build on these experiences, Samsung announced its continued commitment of the Samsung Privileged Health SDK, which enables developers and partners to create digital health solutions using the Samsung BioActive Sensor.

Samsung Food

Samsung also shared more details of its new Samsung Food service, including the Food AI and Vision AI technologies, which offer a comprehensive food experience across all connected devices.