The Samsung Galaxy A series of phones has a reputation for offering premium features at affordable rates. So, when the new Samsung Galaxy A53 was announced, the expectations were quite high, and in all honesty, the phone did not disappoint. We were pleasantly surprised by the Samsung Galaxy A53 camera, which seems to have come a long way. 

The handset offers an IP rating, a brand new SoC built on the 5nm architecture, and prices that won’t cost you your kidney! So, is the latest offering from Samsung worth the hype, and should you get one? 

Let’s find it all out in this comprehensive Samsung Galaxy A53 review. 

Samsung A53 specs

Samsung Galaxy A53 settles to do more than just an average job for its users with its impressive camera lens.

Samsung Galaxy A53 Price and release dates

The base model of the Samsung A53 comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, which is pretty standard in this bracket. Priced at $449.99, the A53 gives a lot of mid-rangers a run for their money in terms of features it packs in. 

The Samsung Galaxy A53, 5G release date, is April 1 in the UK and Australia; however, it has already been launched in the US on March 23. 

Samsung Galaxy A53 design

Design plays a crucial role in this Samsung Galaxy A53 review, and we never hesitate to admit it. We love that the A53 comes with a giant 6.5-inch screen while maintaining a form factor that is not too off-putting to use. Since we last saw it, the phone has gone thinner, which is always a welcome change. 

While it might not be ideal for one-handed use, especially if you have smaller hands, it is surprisingly comfortable to hold, thanks to the lightweight. Weighing in at 189 grams, it is significantly lighter than its biggest competitor — the Google Pixel 6 (207 grams). 

Another thing that we loved was the position of the volume rockers and the power button. You can easily reach all the keys using just your thumb while holding the phone in your hand. The sim tray has been moved alongside the USB C charging port at the bottom of the device. 

A metallic silver band runs around the circumference of the A53, which gives it a premium look. However, the back of the phone is still polycarbonate and not glass, but the handset seems quite well put together and feels solid. 

The Samsung Galaxy A53 camera bump is only slightly raised, making it less wobbly when placed flat on its back, and we like it a lot! 

According to the company, the front of the Samsung Galaxy A53 is covered with Gorilla Glass 5, which should resist any scratches with metallic objects like keys and coins in your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy A53 specifications also include an IP67 dust and water resistance. You can expect no damage if you fish out your phone within 30 mins after dropping it in water less than a meter deep. 

There are four colors to choose from as well. While all colors are good, we especially like the look of the Peach variant. 

Samsung Galaxy A53 display and cameras

How can any Samsung Galaxy A53 review not talk about the gorgeous display of the phone? Samsung calls it the ‘infinity O’ display that stretches corner to corner of the front of the phone with a small round cut-out for the front-facing camera. 

While Samsung has managed to keep the bezels very thin, we couldn’t help but notice that the bottom bezel is slightly broader than the rest of them. Although it’s not a big deal, it just looks less premium because of the asymmetry. 

Samsung Galaxy A53 specifications include a Full HD+ resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The UI animations are buttery smooth, and the Galaxy A53 can hang with the big boys in terms of the overall experience. The 800 nits brightness coupled with Super AMOLED technology makes the screen visible even in direct sunlight without an issue. 

Now it’s time to talk about the cameras in this Samsung Galaxy A53 review, and we are impressed. The Samsung Galaxy A53 camera is a quad setup with a main 64 MP shooter and 12MP ultra-wide, a 5MP bokeh, and a 5MP macro lens. Although the array is quite impressive, given the price range, the bokeh and the macro lenses are not as useful as you might think. The front-facing camera is a 32MP selfie camera with nothing special.

For the most part, the phone does an above-average job at capturing images in brightly lit conditions. With the night mode enabled, the photos in low light are also usable but lack the detail of the more expensive S series cameras. 

Samsung Galaxy A53 performance

The Samsung Galaxy A53 specification sheet star is the all-new Samsung Exynos 1280 SoC. It is the first chip built on the 5nm architecture to be used in a Galaxy series A phone. According to Samsung, the chip accounts for a jump of 43% in GPU performance and 18% CPU performance over the last-gen chips. 

The real-world performance is also reflective of these claims. Everything on the phone, from scrolling through the UI to opening the apps, seems snappy. The load times of games have also been reduced significantly since the last iteration of the phone, which is refreshing to see.  

The Galaxy A53 should sustain demanding app usage for long durations and not stutter or overheat in the process. The device features 6GB RAM, but the RAM management seems too aggressive at times. Samsung also allows you to use your internal memory as RAM to improve overall performance.

The battery is a massive 500mAh capacity which should easily last you throughout the day of moderate to heavy usage. With quick charging available, the Galaxy A53 can charge from 0-50% in less than 30 mins, which is nice. 

The verdict

The Samsung Galaxy A53 is a capable phone with some solid features that are bound to make it a compelling buy in 2022. If you are looking for a mid-ranger that looks and feels premium, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

We are pleased that this Samsung Galaxy A53 review found that the company continues to push the Galaxy series A ever so close to the premium S series.