Whenever Samsung announces a new version of their extremely popular Galaxy Series A phones, it creates a buzz in the tech community. The Galaxy Series A has always managed to pack in some of the best features found on the more expensive Series S phones at affordable prices. So, when Samsung announced many new phones at its March Series A launch, we were hoping to get a sneak peek of the much-anticipated Galaxy A73. However, the March event was focused on the A33 and A53 variants. That said, Samsung has already confirmed the release of the Galaxy A73 earlier. 

This Samsung Galaxy A73 review will look at the rumored specs, release date, and price of this beast of a phone. 

Samsung Galaxy A73

Samsung Galaxy A73 release date

The suspense over the Samsung Galaxy A73 release date seems to linger on after the company did not announce it alongside the A33 and A53 in its March event. However, in the written announcement that followed the March event, the company mentioned the Samsung Galaxy A73 release date. 

The announcement said that the new addition to the A-series, Galaxy A73, will be available in select markets globally starting from April 22. Even if it gets delayed a bit, we are betting on the release date to be the first week of May in this Samsung Galaxy A73 review. It is worth mentioning that the A71, the predecessor of the new Galaxy A73, was also launched in April last year. 

Samsung Galaxy A73 price

There has been no official announcement regarding the Samsung Galaxy A73 price by the company. However, going by the price of its predecessor, we can make an educated guess regarding the Samsung Galaxy A73 price. 

Samsung Galaxy A73

The prices of the A70, A71, and A72 have been steady at $555 since they were launched over the last three years. Going by this trend, we expect the Galaxy A73 to cost similarly. The global shortage of microchips and disruptions in the supply chains due to the COVID pandemic might cause a slight bump in the price. 

Samsung Galaxy A73 specs

Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on leaks for the Samsung Galaxy A73 specs as the company has released the official spec sheet of the phone. Some of the Samsung Galaxy A73 specs highlights include a 6.7-inch 120Hz display, a 108 MP primary shooter housed in the mammoth quad-camera setup, and a 5000mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy A73

Another great addition to the Samsung Galaxy A73 specs is the new SoC, the Snapdragon 778G, with an octa-core architecture and clock speeds of up to 2.4GHz. The phone will be available in two RAM variants-6GB and 8GB, which is pretty standard in this segment. Let’s look at some of these specs in the remainder of this Samsung Galaxy A73 review. 

As far as the design of the phone goes, Samsung has not made any drastic changes, and in our opinion, it didn’t have to either. The sleek design has a flat display with a punch-hole front-facing camera, slim bezels, and a glossy plastic back resembling glass. 

There is plenty of protection, with the phone being IP67 water and dust-resistant. Weighing in at just over 180 grams, the Samsung Galaxy A73 comes in various colors, including Black, White, and Sage.

The display is a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED+ panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. Although we would have loved to see the adaptive 100Hz refresh rate panels make their way to the A-series, we might have to wait a couple of years to see that happen. 

Samsung Galaxy A73

The massive 5000mAh battery can fast-charge at 25 watts, but no wireless or reverse wireless charging capability is included in this iteration. 

Samsung Galaxy A73 camera

The Samsung Galaxy A73 camera features a quad lens setup that looks promising on paper. The cameras in the setup include-

  • 108MP main camera with f/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization
  • 12MP ultra-wide camera with f/2.2
  • 5 MP bokeh camera with f/2.4
  • 5MP macro lens with f/2.4

The Samsung Galaxy A73 camera array also features a 32 MP front-facing selfie shooter with f/2.2. 

Although we would have liked to see the wide lens for the selfie camera in this phone, the Samsung Galaxy A73 camera setup seems to be promising and should deliver some great images. 

In this Samsung Galaxy A73 review, we found the phone very capable, at least on paper. As the company has not officially released the phone, it is difficult to predict the real-world performance in this Samsung Galaxy A73 review. Still, going by the spec sheet and the trends set by its predecessors, it should be a solid phone worth the money.