The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2020 has many premium fitness features with built-in GPS and music storage. It is perfect for people who want to make the most of their fitness tracking devices. However, sometimes people want only the basics of the fitness tracking device. This is where the Samsung Galaxy Fit comes in. This Samsung Galaxy fit watch has essential features like activity, sleep, stress, and heart rate tracking with excellent battery life and lightweight design. Both these devices are meant for different markets. Though there are certain similarities between the Galaxy Fit and the Galaxy Fit 2, there are also differences that make them unique in their way.

If the person is a strict fitness tracker, then they would undoubtedly be happy with the Galaxy Fit. The device offers automatic activity tracking, and the user can also choose activities from a list of 90. There are auto-tracked activities like walking, running, cycling, elliptical training, rowing, and dynamic workouts included in the device. Additionally, one can also take advantage of features like sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, and stress tracker. The Galaxy Fit has a Realtime OS which is comparatively more potent than the Tizen OS.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 2020

If a person is a devoted fitness guru and wants the best and more of their fitness tracker, then the Galaxy Fit 2 will be the best choice. The device has all the necessary features like steps tracker, and floors climbed, distance, calories burned, and even sleep. Additionally, there is the built-in GPS feature, with which the person will have an overall experience of workouts like runs, bike rides, and hikes.

While both these devices are almost similar in terms of tracking, there are also specific vital differences. One of them is their band design. The Galaxy Fit 2 has a 3D glass display that highlights more than 70 face options. There is also a touch-sensitive button located on the bottom of the screen that acts as the home screen button. The touchscreen of the device is brightly illuminated and responsive. The device can give the maximum output with a battery that can last up to 15 days on a single charge and even to 21 days depending on the usage. The Galaxy Fit 2 has a groovy design that effectively reduces sweating. It has two watch faces- one that displays the time, date, and steps, and the other displaying the time and heart rate. The Galaxy Fit design is comparatively more user-friendly. The device weighs less than the Samsung Fit 2 and is also slimmer. However, the screen is noticeably smaller. In terms of display, the Galaxy Fit has limited options. The side button on the device can be programmed to the preferred workout so that once it is pressed, it’ll activate the workout automatically.

The other big difference is in terms of features. The Galaxy Fit doesn’t have the attractive features of the Galaxy Fit 2. This means the user will need the phone for both GPS and to listen to music. The Wi-Fi feature is a premier addition in both, but the Gear Fit2 Pro device lets users download Spotify playlists that can also be listened offline. In terms of getting the best fitness tracker, Galaxy Fit always stands out. It is a much more affordable choice and has a compact design with all the essential features.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 will give more detailed data and insight in terms of activity tracking and bonus features. It has in-built GPS, Wi-Fi, and music storage on a fitness tracker, all packed into one. For buyers who are on a budget, the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit 2 doesn’t have a much price difference. If a person is looking for enhanced features, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2  product based on the review is the one they should opt.