The Galaxy Tab S7+ offers you a 5G-enabled tablet with a large screen loaded with features that help you immerse in entertainment or indulge your creative side. The Samsung tablet is built to handle your work and recreational needs both.

It comes with a new improved S Pen, powerful processing, a bigger keyboard and upgraded versions of Samsung DeX and with 5G capability that gives you the ability to game and stream in HD.

The 7.0 Plus is outfitted with a. It has an 8-megapixel camera, with an LED flash-supported dual camera on the back.

The S Pen allows one to write naturally and draw precisely. Combined with the display’s refresh rate of up to 120Hz, there is a significant lag reduction.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

The Samsung tablet is built to handle your work and recreational needs both.

The Samsung Notes in the tablet come with features like Audio Bookmark, to record lectures or meetings while you write, and then sync the two together. Easily navigate lengthy lecture recordings by tapping on a sentence and automatically jump back to the corresponding audio timestamp. The sync feature allows you to align with other Samsung device.

Honeycomb 3.2 comes natively installed on the 7.0 Plus, and the TouchWiz UI is overlaid on top of it. TouchWiz brings with it many custom Samsung apps like AllShare, Media Hub, Social Hub, and Samsung’s own curated Android app store, called Samsung Apps. There is an enhanced Multi-Active Window on Galaxy Tab S7+ that allows you to simultaneously open three apps— you can take video calls, monitor email and take notes all at once. With App pair, you can even tie up to three apps together for simultaneous launch to save time when you’re in a hurry.

The improved Samsung DeX gives PC like play, with its versatile Book Cover Keyboard4. The keyboard has an added line of intuitive function keys5, a larger touch-pad and several new angles. The Samsung DeX has customizing options to increase and change fonts. It gives rapid access to oft used apps too.

 You can wirelessly connect your tablet to compatible TVs and Microsoft OneNote and Outlook.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

More than one million apps are optimized for Android tablets, giving you plenty of choice when searching for the perfect app for your needs.

Galaxy Tab S7+ features a one-of-a-kind 12.4” Super AMOLED display –supporting a 16:10 aspect ratio picture. Combined with quad speakers sound by AKG, it offers an immersive cinematic experience. The SGS-certified displays have low blue light emission, which is soft on the eyes. It comes with an intelligent battery that adapts power output based on your activity.

It comes packed with a Snapdragon 865 + processor from Qualcomm paired with 8GB of RAM

The Galaxy Tab S7+ comes with four months of free YouTube Premium. It has other features like Finder that make using the tab an easy experience with quick access to all your gaming and entertainment apps.

Clip Studio Paint comes preloaded on the S7+. A six-month free offer to Clip Studio Paint EX, the premium version of the app, will be available as an exclusive to all Galaxy users.

Other apps of note are Noteshelf and Canva.

You can enjoy seamless cloud-based gaming with this tablet anywhere, even when you’re in a park or traveling.

Equipped with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, the tablet is always.

Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft is bringing cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to the Galaxy Tab S7+, giving you access to over 100 Xbox games from the cloud. With the addition of Bluetooth controllers, the tablet provides a premium gaming experience.

Samsung Flow on the tablet lets you instantly transfer what you need between phone and tablet. With the Call and Text on other devices feature, you can check messages right on the tablet when your phone is charging and isn’t by your side.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus can also be the hub of your home IoT. You can control your smart home from one place.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

The Second screen option on the S7 plus also lets you use it via Wireless Display as a second monitor or a drawing pad for your Samsung P

C The rectangular display is a little awkward for work but for entertainment and video, it is great. The battery life is not great despite 10,000 mAh as it drains off in 4-5 hours under normal work conditions.

The Samsung S7 Plus comes in Mystic Black, Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze and will be available for purchase beginning August 21 in select markets.

The smaller 11-inch Tab 7 starts at $650 while the bigger 12.4 inch Tab 7 Plus starts at around $850.

Overall score: 8.4/10