If you wonder what the best android tablet is, you can take into consideration the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+. The characteristics of this tablet are exceptional, and you will find reliable hardware, an outstanding OLED panel, and a very useful Samsung S Pen. 

The overall software experience has improved, and you will certainly enjoy the new Android 12L when it arrives later this year. There are many advantages when it comes to the practical use of this tablet and you will find it an interesting solution if you want an excellent screen and ease of usage. 

Design and hardware 

The design of the new Samsung Tab S8+ is very attractive and you will find very narrow and symmetrical bezels that are offering enough room to comfortably hold the tablet. A very good OLED screen comes in the 12.4-inch size and it has a resolution of 1752 x 2800 pixels. The refresh rate is 120Hz. 

You will find an optical fingerprint sensor that is used on Samsung phones of FE and A-series generations. It unlocks the device in a reliable manner. However, it is a little bit slower than Samsung’s ultrasonic sensors that you can find in the S22 family. 

Samsung Tab S8+

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is a great choice if you want to use this Android tablet for the combination of gaming, multitasking, and video recording.

The widescreen OLED panel has a ratio of 16:10 and it is way better than the previous solutions that Samsung applied to the tablets. There is a microSD card slot and a USB-C connecting port on the side of the tablet. You will not find a 3.5mm jack which is a surprise, but you can still enjoy the two large speakers that offer a sound experience that is better than in many small laptops. 

When it comes to the content of the original box, you will find a tablet, an S pen, and a cable. You will not find a plug for this table which is something that comes as a surprise. However, Samsung officials believe that you already have a Samsung phone or another device that can be used for charging this Samsung Tab S8+. 

Software and performances 

You have probably heard many times that the Android platform is not a good option for tablets. This is very close to the truth but some exceptions make this statement weak. One of the exceptions is the Samsung Tab S8+, and it is visible that Samsung and Google have been working together to create an Android system that will be suitable for tablet devices. 

The Android system on this tablet is very liveable and it allows quick access to the different apps. You can rearrange the apps according to your preferences and you can open them in floating windows. 

The tablet runs the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor that is also seen in the North American variant of S22. It is a processor with great speed and it offers decent performance. You will have no issue while playing demanding games or multitasking on the tablet. 

When it comes to the camera, this Android tablet 2022 has many options. There is a 13MP camera and the ultrawide 6MP camera. You will also find the front-facing camera that is ideal for selfies and Slack or Zoom recordings. 


We know that the Samsung Tab S8+ release date was on February 9, 2022. The shipping of the item began on February 25. You should buy this laptop if you have $900 to spend on a quality screen and great versatility when it comes to app usage. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is a great choice if you want to use this Android tablet for the combination of gaming, multitasking, and video recording. This is all possible with this tablet and you will experience the best Android experience when it comes to tablets of this size.