Samsung has indented the smartphone market with a twist of foldables that have been the buzz of the town, with its Z flip series. But a formidable player has risen to the challenge of proving itself as more accomplished, somewhat after reading the reviews of Samsung Z Flip phones to brew a worthy decoction, the Motorola Razr+. How does one decide which is superior in Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Motorola Razr Plus

The two new additions to Motorola’s Razr lineup, the Motorola Razr 2023 and the Motorola Razr Plus have set their sights and targets on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4. A signature feature that has beckoned double takes is Motorola Razr+’s front cover screen – the largest ever on any commercial flip phone available in the market at the moment. Both the contenders are priced at $999 while Moto Razr Plus releases on June 23rd, 2023. 

This article features a detailed comparison of the two Flip phones. Who do you think emerges victorious in Moto Razr+ vs Galaxy Z Flip 4?

Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Motorola Razr Plus

(Image Courtesy – Samsung)

Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Motorola Razr: Which Is The Better Flip Phone?

In April 1973, Motorola released the first mass-produced handheld mobile phone, which weighed 2.42 lbs. While Samsung Electronics’ first-ever mobile phone was the SH-100, which was released in the Korean market in 1988. It wasn’t just Samsung’s first portable cell phone, but also the first Korean-manufactured handset’s debut in the global market. 

Both electronics giants have had an unbelievable trajectory of their leadership in the smartphone market. From basic GSM phones of Nokia, popular Symbian phones of Blackberry, and touch phones of Apple, to the Flip phone era of Samsung and Motorola – here’s a comparison of Motorola Razr Plus 2023 vs Galaxy Z Flip 4, in almost all aspects including Design, Camera, Display, Performance, Battery, and a final verdict.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Comparison With Motorola Razr+: Specifications

ParticularsMotorola Razr Plus FeaturesSamsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Specifications
Screen SizeMain: 6.9-inch FHD PlusMain: 6.7-inch FHD Plus
LTPO OLED (foldable, 165Hz)Dynamic OLED (foldable, 120 Hz)
Cover: 3.6-inch OLEDCover: 1.9-inch Super OLED
(flat, 144Hz)(flat, 60 Hz)
DimensionsFolded: 88.42 x 73.95 x 15.1mmFolded: 84.9 x 71.9 x 17.1mm
Unfolded: 170.8 x 73.95 x 15.1mmHinge (Sagging) – 15.9mm
Unfolded: 165.2 x 71.9 x 6.9mm
Screen ResolutionMain: 2640 x 1080 pixelsMain: 2640 x 1080 pixels
Cover: 1066 x 1056 pixelsCover: 260 x 512 pixels
Pixel Density431 ppi (External & Internal)External: 302 ppi
Internal: 425 ppi
Operating SystemAndroid 13Android 12
One UI 4.1.1
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Rear Camera12MP (Main, PDAF)12MP (Main, 24mm lens, Dual Pixel PDAF)
13MP (Wide, 108-degree FoV)12MP (Ultrawide, 123-degree FoV)
Front Camera32MP10MP
Video Capture4K4K
Weight0.415 lbs0.4118 lbs
Storage256GB/ 512GB128GB/ 256GB / 512GB
UFS 3.1UFS 3.1
Expandable StorageNon-expandableNon-expandable
SecurityFingerprint Sensor on the SideFingerprint Sensor on the Side
Battery & Charger3,800mAh, non-removable3,700mAh, non-removable
5W wireless charging, 30W fast wired charging15W wireless charging, 25W fast wired charging, 4.5W reverse wireless charging
Charger not included (in the US)Charger not included
Headphone JackNilNil
Connectivity5G enabled, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi, USB-C5G enabled, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi, USB-C
Special FeaturesFoldable display, IP52Foldable display, IPX8

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 VS Motorola Razr Plus: Design & Display

Drawing a comparison in Razr Plus vs Galaxy Z Flip 4 in the aspect of design, the prominent feature at play here is the foldable’s crease. Razr+ folds flat and has a lesser noticeable crease than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Both Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Moto Razr+ are built of aluminum and glass, albeit Moto has a variant equipped with a vegan leather backplate. Both phones are consistent with two rear cameras with a centered camera hole on their main displays. But the sides on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are flatter than the ones on the Motorola Razr Plus. 

Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Motorola Razr Plus

(Image Courtesy – Motorola)

Moto’s Razr Plus emerges a clear winner in the cover display ratio with a much larger screen than Galaxy Z Flip 4’s. The Motorola Razr+ permits the user to explore the cover display to the fullest by running multiple apps on it, which can be customized from the Settings bar. The tempting offer also allows users to switch between the particular app’s default view and zoomed-in view. But Galaxy Z Flip 4’s secondary panel is only meant to be used for widgets. 

While the Motorola Razr+ is a bit lighter than the Galaxy flip phone, it also appears thinner when folded due to its unique hinge. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is water-resistant with its IPX8 rating, and the Motorola Razr+ flaunts a water-repellent coating. The former’s cover display is protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus+ whereas the Moto Razr+ features a Gorilla Glass Victus protection for its second panel. 

The peak brightness of Galaxy Z Flip 4 can touch up to 1,200 nits while the Motorola Razr+ consists of a 1,100 maximum brightness.  

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 VS Motorola Razr Plus: Battery

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 consists of a 3,700mAh battery which runs around 7-7.5 hours of screen time. The Motorola Razr+ comparison reigns supreme with a 3,800mAh battery that runs for 7.5–8 hours. However, it is important to know that Moto’s Razr Plus has larger displays and higher refresh rates, which match its battery life to its contemporary, based on the usage. 

Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Motorola Razr Plus

(Image Courtesy – Samsung)

Motorola Razr Plus VS Galaxy Z Flip 4: Cameras

The Motorola Razr+ unveils two horizontally-oriented rear cameras and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is designed with two vertically-aligned cameras on the back. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 has two 12-megapixel cameras, one functioning as the main camera and the other with a 123-degree FoV ultrawide. This acts as a plus point to Samsung in the debate of Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Motorola Razr, as it provides a much wider field of view. The Moto Razr Plus is powered by one 12-megapixel and another 13-megapixel wide. 

While the Galaxy Flip 4 offers saturated images, the HDR functions are better in the daylight. The added saturation can result in tampered skin tones. On the other hand, the Motorola Razr Plus works well in low light although it can provide duller images in the daytime. One useful advantage of the Motorola Razr Plus’ larger cover screen is that it can be a good viewfinder. The external screen previews what the rear cameras are shooting, displaying it to the subject. But Galaxy Z Flip 4’s smaller cover display cannot parade much, leaving it to cut off previews. 

Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Motorola Razr Plus

(Image Courtesy – Motorola)

In this aspect, Galaxy Z Flip 4 seems to emerge victorious with Samsung having established its superiority as the first company with the foldables. But Motorola’s Razr+ has an edge with its additional functionality of a viewfinder. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 VS Motorola Razr+: Performance

Both Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Razr Plus are powered with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It is not Qualcomm’s latest chip but works wonders. 

None of the flip phones comparisons has expandable storage. When it comes down to performance, both phones are equally magnificent. The only advantage with Motorola’s Razr Plus is that the cover display also allows playing full games, unlike Galaxy Flip 4’s smaller screen utility. 

Motorola Razr Plus VS Galaxy Z Flip 4: Price

While the Motorola Razr+ is slated to release for $999, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is slightly priced higher at $999.99. A charger may not be included in the US launches of the Razr while Galaxy Z Flip 4 hasn’t provided one either in the included price.

For a final verdict, while Samsung has dominated the foldable market with its Galaxy Z Flip and Fold series, Motorola’s Razr Plus looks on to be deserving of a title of a worthy opponent. Motorola has enlisted Galaxy Z Flip 4’s criticisms and incorporated changes accordingly. Albeit, it will take time to know the downfalls of Razr Plus in the aspects of wear and tear. It’s noteworthy to wait a while to make a decision based on the factors above comparing Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Motorola Razr, as Samsung gears up to release the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in July.