A Samsung round-dial smartwatch codenamed Samsung Orbis is set to be released in March 2015, at the same time when Apple will be launching the Apple Watch. As of recently, Samsung has remained undauntedly square in its multiplication of wearables, much to the discontent of design experts over the globe. Round smartwatches are apparently extremely popular starting late. First and foremost, everybody loved the Motorola’s Moto 360, emulated by LG’s G Watch R. The LG-made webOS smartwatch was showcased at CES this year. Luckily it appears to be as if the South Korean tech goliath is experiencing a chic change, and did really hop on the circular fleeting trend a year ago reaching a state of perfection with a round smartwatch, Tizen OSpowered in March, 2015.

Samsung Orbis May Be Apple Watch’s Rival

The new round smartwatch from Samsung is labeled up under the model number ‘SM-R720’, in spite of the fact that the official production title is “Orbis” and it will be Tizen OS Powered. Agreeably, it appears that “Orbis” is a codeword of decision for Sony. Some of you readers might recall the PS4 that also went through the same moniker before its release.

As indicated by a few sources, Samsung is setting up to release the round-dialed “Orbis” wearable at the current year’s MWC, which will be held from March 2-5. That puts the smartwatch at simply a month away, placing it in immediate rivalry with the Apple Watch, additionally slated for a March launch.

The Apple Watch is also rumored to be armed with a digital crown. However, Samsung has made it clear that it is in no way trying to emulate the Apple Watch design and features. The Samsung Orbis will also feature a power button to perform various functions. The power button will also be able to activate the Samsung S Voice, turn on the screen and allow the wearer to send a message in emergency situations.

This isn’t the first time when people have heard about Samsung rolling up its sleeves for round-faced wrist-borne technology. Back in November, a Samsung patent was revealed that demonstrated a smartwatch with a pivoting bezel that went about as the gadget’s control input. Flashback to July 2014 and people saw an alternate Samsung patent, again flaunting a curvy-confronted timepiece.