The relatively less popular Samsung Q80B, seems to be a hidden gem. With the luminous presence of an excellent smart TV streaming platform in the form of Tizen and support for high frame rate gaming, it looks simply over the top. The Samsung Q80B reviews on different social media platforms are extremely positive so far and call for a deep introspection. Hence, Technowize presents you a detailed Samsung Q80B review with a deep focus on its array of exciting features. 

Samsung Q80B Review: Unraveling the Features

This model happens to be a high value mid range one, which comes with a 4K QLED screen. Apart from being a great fit for everyday TV viewing, it ticks the not so niche box of console gaming too. Having a brand identity just next to the Mini LED Neo QLED models, Samsung Q80B offers a more conventional full array backlight facility. Let’s have a close look at its salient features. 

Samsung Q80B Features

Thanks to the Tizen interface’s brand new Game Hub, you can unlock cloud gaming services from Xbox and Utomik, as well as Twitch. [Image Credit: Samsung]


This value for money smart gadget is built around a Quantum Dot LED panel. In addition to that there’s a full array backlight – one of the most striking Samsung Q80B features. This very presence ensures delivery of greater color volume, which weighs even higher than a regular backlit LED panel. 

There are six speakers in total and that allows you to have a back seat. These are aided by the unique Object Tracking Sound technology, a bright spot among the Samsung Q80B features. 

This smart TV houses Quantum Processor 4K, which facilitates the implementation of both AI optimized picture tuning and AI sound. While buying this gem of a model, you will get exclusive access to Samsung’s Tizen smart interface. Therefore, there are ample streaming services along with some really lucrative perks like gaming portal and Smartthings oversight. 

You don’t need to worry a bit so far as connectivity is concerned. It comes with four HDMIs, all of which support 4k 120Hz playback. Moreover, Samsung Q80B houses ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), Nvidia G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro support and eARC on HDMI 3, for hook-up to a soundbar or AV system. 

Also take a note of digital optical audio output, presence of two USB ports, and Ethernet. You can enjoy both satellite and terrestrial options for TV tuning. 

Picture Quality

Courtesy of Samsung’s AI-powered Quantum Processor 4K, Samsung Q80B delivers high clarity images. If you turn on the Intelligent Mode, the processor will work in sync with the Light Sensor to effortlessly manage picture settings according to ambient light. With adaptive HDR10+, you seem almost sorted with Samsung Q80B. 

Sound Quality

Thanks to a rare amalgamation of Object Sound Tracking technology and native multichannel support, it provides a stunning performance in terms of sound quality. Apart from being compatible with Samsung’s Q-Symphony models, it comprises Active Voice amplification with Adaptive Sound Plus. 

The overall design of Samsung Q80B is absolutely top-notch – sleek look, dipped in elegance. Moreover, the Samsung Q80B features allow you to unleash pro gaming. The gamer in you would be glad to know that the Tizen interface has a brand new Game Hub, is compatible with cloud gaming services from Xbox and Utomik, as well as Twitch. In a nutshell, it’s a great choice. Our Samsung Q80B review gives it a big plus. If you are looking for a value for money smart TV, you can surely go for it. The Samsung Q80B price ranges from $999 to $3299 depending upon the screen size. For your information, you can add Apple TV 4K to your setup to have a great combo along with Samsung Q80B.