Samsung has been killing it in the realm of smartphones with the recent Galaxy S24 series, but have the Samsung Tab S9 reviews been as favorable? It appears the Samsung Tab S9 specs have impressed the majority, even if the battery life hasn’t necessarily wowed the crowds with its performance. The Samsung Tab S9 price has also gone up from the previous S8 series and this has been attributed to the bump up in display, but the company appears to have had offers out ever since launch, which has moderated the price to a degree. It’s likely the improvement in display and storage didn’t necessarily need a bigger budget but the company chose to price it higher and then bring it down in a show of generosity. It’s business, after all, so we won’t complain. Instead, let’s focus our energy on the Samsung Tab S9’s performance to see what’s in store with the device.

Samsung Tab S9 Review: Answering All Your Questions In One Place

Image: Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series

Samsung Tab S9 Review—Answering Some of Your Pressing Questions

Our Samsung Tab S9 review is long overdue considering the Galaxy Tab S9 release date passed us by a long time ago, on July 26, 2023. By technology standards, some might call this an old device, but we’d prefer to think that the Samsung Tab S9 specs have been tested considerably by now for you to consider making the purchase confidently. The Samsung Tab S9 performance holds up pretty well whether you want to put it to work as a casual device or for more dedicated tasks such as creating art or handling your workload. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset is still a perfectly supportive processor for the device, ensuring the Samsung Tab S9 specs don’t falter or hang while in use. 

What Kind of Display is Included in the Samsung Tab S9 Specs?

Surfing through a few Samsung Tab S9 reviews should be enough to tell you that including the AMOLED screen on the device is one of the best moves the company has made. Instead of reserving the better screen only for the more expensive models, for the first time, the base Samsung Tab S9 specs include Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays. The device supports HDR10+ which should boost the colors and contrast of your screen, and it also has a 120Hz refresh rate so you can have an uninterrupted viewing experience. 

The 11-inch screen isn’t the best alternative—the 12.4-inch Tab S9 Plus and 14.6-inch Tab S9 Ultra are much easier to use—but it isn’t a bad option either. It allows for a decent visual viewing experience whether you’re watching a movie or reading your emails. 

When Was the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Released?

When Was the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Released?

As we’d mentioned earlier, the Galaxy Tab S9 release date was set for July 26, 2023, and its launch was met with a largely positive response. However, the release of the three Tab S9 models wasn’t the last we heard regarding the tab. There was an additional launch that took place more recently, when Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series on October 3, 2023, with full availability opening up on October 10. This “Fan Edition” series saw an inexpensive version of the S9 series drop with Samsung’s Exynos 1380 chip instead of the Qualcomm one. There was the S9 FE and FE 5G, which resembled the base S9 model, as well as the S9 FE Plus, similar to the S9 Plus model. 

The S9 FE tab is not a bad alternative if you’re looking for something cheaper and don’t have too many demands on your device but if you’re going to be using the device daily, the S9 series does provide better value for your money.

Samsung Tab S9 Review: Is the Samsung Tab S9 Camera Good? 

Chances are, you aren’t looking for a tab with photography as your primary goal, but it doesn’t hurt to have a decent camera on the device just in case you need it. The Samsung Tab S9 camera setup includes a 13MP wide-angle lens at the back and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens in front. The number of camera lenses does go up for the higher models in the series but none of them are anything exceptional. If you want to take a quick picture of a cat outside your window while you work at a cafe or scan a document that you’re done tinkering with so you can send it as an attachment, then the Samsung Tab S9 camera is perfectly good enough for your needs. For anything more complex, it’s better to look for another device that is not a tablet.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Come with a Pen?

Does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Come with a Pen?

The Galaxy Tab S9 does come with an S Pen which is a win for our Samsung Tab S9 review. All the Galaxy Tab S9 devices have the S Pen provided in the box, and this comes with a nice IP68 rating to address all your concerns regarding its water and dust resistance—just like the tablet itself which also has an IP68 rating. The pen is a handy addition that allows you to write and draw on your tab with ease. There is no lag in connectivity between the two devices and rarely any inconvenience is seen while using the S Pen. The back of the tablet has a specific magnetic slot for the pen, allowing you to charge both devices simultaneously when inserted, which is quite convenient. It isn’t a new feature—the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 had it as well—but it is a useful one that we’re glad the company did not let go of. 

What Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Price?

The basic Samsung Tab S9 price is set at $799.99 USD for the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage model. The 12GB RAM and 256GB storage version was priced at $919.99 but as of writing this, you can get it for the lower price of $799.99 USD as well. The Galaxy Tab S9+ is priced at $999.99 USD and the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is priced at $1199.99 USD so depending on your budget, what size you want the screen to be, and what storage option you prefer, you could pick a model that meets your criteria.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Good?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Good?

From everything we’ve covered in our Samsung Tab S9 review, it appears the Galaxy Tab S9 is a good investment. The device has a good processor, a great screen, decent price, and overall, the Samsung Tab S9 specs do provide quite a bit of support for all your needs. The Samsung Tab S9 battery has an average capacity of 8400 mAh with support for up to 45W charging. This is expected to last about 15 hours but it doesn’t always make it that far. It does support some fast charging but the adapter has to be purchased separately. 

Considering all the facets of the Samsung Tab S9 performance it does give you a good quality experience while it lasts. But if you want something you can use for longer on the go then you might be a little disappointed. Otherwise, our Samsung Tab S9 review feels pretty positive about the device and we think this is a reliable tablet that you can purchase without too many reservations.