We all know that Samsung phones usually have good screens and features. The company constantly develops new technologies, and the results of these developments are clearly visible. We can notice that the S series of Samsung phones have some distinct advantages when it comes to display quality. 

The phones like Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra all have a great display. They have high-resolution panels and adaptive refresh rate support. At the same time, they have one feature that makes these phones unique. This feature is Samsung Vision Booster and this detail makes a difference in the overall quality of the screens that you can find on the market right now. 

In this article, we explain what Vision Booster is and how you can use it on your Samsung phone. Let’s see the real advantages of this feature. 

What is a Vision Booster? 

Vision Booster is the stand-out feature that Samsung is advertising now. It is a detail that comes with the S series of the Samsung phones. Samsung Booster is made to adjust the color tones under sunlight. With this feature, you can see the improved visuals on the screen and you can use the phone more conveniently. 

Samsung knows that improving the brightness of white is not enough when it comes to visibility in bright conditions. There must be something more done to increase visibility in all conditions. Vision Booster is the exact solution to this problem. 

Vision booster

Samsung Vision Booster is there to perfectly work under direct sunlight.

Vision Booster works on mid-tones and it also works on shadows when these segments need to be raised in order to increase the visibility of images and videos. In this manner, the screen is properly visible and you can enjoy the content even when you are in bright conditions. 

The feature applies tone mapping when you are under the sunlight. This allows you to have the best viewing experience in all conditions. This kind of tone mapping is there besides the peak brightness that is improved and increased in a good manner. 

For now, we know that Vision Booster is there to perfectly work under direct sunlight. However, there are other functions of the Samsung screen that allows you to see the objects on the screen perfectly. 

The Galaxy S22 phones give you the options to enjoy the other aspects of the screen features. There is the screen contrast that adapts to the brightness and surroundings in each moment. This is especially important in conditions when lower visibility is in place. The Samsung phones adapt very well to the situations of the lower visibility, and that is why the screens stay clearly visible and they provide complete comfort. 

We also need to mention that the color accuracy remains decent even when the Vision Booster is enabled. This is especially important because Vision Booster raises the color lightness and there is a dynamic system gamma. There is a big difference in the screen when Vision Booster is enabled and when it is not in function. For these reasons, we can say that Samsung did a very good job in offering something impressive when it comes to screen visibility. 

At the same time, we need to mention some of the downsides of this feature. It is known that Vision Booster uses a histogram map that is in low resolution and this solution is used in order to calculate what display regions need to be boosted. This results in a lot of posterization which gives a bad change from one tone to another. This affects the situations when some scenes may look weird and the overall picture may be disrupted. 

Besides these issues, the Vision Booster feature works very well under the bright sunlight and we can expect this feature in the future models of the Samsung phones.