If you have a Windows device, it is important to use the PC Health Check app because it may reveal some of the basic information about your PC. You will be able to see Windows update information, battery capacity, storage capacity, and many more details that are important for the proper running of the Windows system. 

There is a proven way to see PC Health Check Windows 11 and investigate your system health. We present to you how to do it and what pieces of information are included in this app. 

What is a PC Health Check App?

PC Health Check app shows you up-to-date information on the health of your Windows device. The app reveals the information that can help you take action that can improve your device performance. At the same time, you can troubleshoot the performance problems and improve your device’s health. The app is often updated so you can get the most out of your device. 

PC health check app

Support your PC like it supports you with PC health check apps!

How to Use a PC Health Check App?

You should first open the PC Health Check app in order to use it. In Windows, go to Search on the taskbar and search for “PC Health Check.” Then, select this option from the list of the results that you see. If there is an available update for the PC Health Check app, you can install it to get the latest version. 

If you do not see the app, it is possible that you do not have the installed version of this app. You can go to the official Microsoft website and install the latest version of the app that will work on your device. 

PC Health Check download is easy and you should follow the basic steps for installation. If you currently have Windows 10 on your device, you can check if your system is eligible for the update to the Windows 11 system. The PC Health Check app gives you a comprehensive eligibility check that will reveal whether your system is ready to be updated to Windows 11. 

In the app, you can select “Check now” to see if you can run Windows 11 on your device. 

Windows Update 

The PC Health Check app will let you know if your device is not up to date or when it needs further attention. Regular updates will keep the system protected, and the running of the system will not be interrupted with unnecessary bugs. The app shows you what can be improved and how to improve the system that will run faster and in a more secure way after updates. 

You can select Open Windows Update and see what can be improved inside the system.

Backup & sync

You can sign in with your Microsoft account or make a new account that will sync with your preferences on different devices. You can use the passwords, reading lists, favorites, themes, and many more options that can be shared on multiple devices. 

There is also an option to backup your files and photos to OneDrive, and this is where your files and photos will be fully protected. 

Storage capacity 

In the PC Health Check app, you can also see how much storage is used on the main drive of your device. Here are all your Windows apps and files, and you can see the storage capacity that is left for free use in the future. 

You can click on Manage storage settings to see the cleanup recommendations and free some space on your device’s drive. 

When you want to use the PC Health Check app, you should first check compatibility for Windows 11, and if you can use the app on the newest version of Windows, there are many more functions that you can check on your system. This app gives you full perspective about your device and you can use it with certainty that all functions of your system are covered.