The fast pace of digitization has witnessed a rapid change, and people are nowadays more on their smartphones than anything else. There are also apps for everything, food delivery, money transfer, and even money-making! People can now utilize the time they spend on smartphones to earn money and gain profits via these excellent money making apps of 202.

Best Money Making Apps of the Year

When we say money-making, we mean earning money through varied ways in the app itself. These money making apps give cashback and rewards for the user and a chance to earn fast money. Some of the best money making apps of 2020 include the following:

1. Ebates

In addition to having a browser extension, Ebates also has a money-making app for smartphones. With the help of Ebates, one can use in-store coupons, compare prices, and earn cashback on purchases.  The app pays its users every three months once the balance turns $5.01. the app launched in 1999 and so far rewarded a staggering amount of more than $1 billion in cash to its users.

Best money making apps of the year

Use for: in-store coupons, price comparison and cashback

2. Shopkick

If you love shopping and always hopping from one store to another, this app is the perfect one for you. Shopkick, though, offer rewards to its users through a gift. But it is easy and efficient to use. The user needs to download the app, purchase items at a store with the registered Shopkick-linked card, and receive rewards.

Best money making apps of the year

Use for: earning cashback rewards

3. ibotta

This is a great cashback app where users need to complete the app’s tasks to access money-saving tools. Also, on the purchase of items, the user needs to upload receipts manually. However, the best thing is that Ibotta deposits directly to the bank account, which the person can withdraw easily.

Best money making apps of the year

Use for: earning cashback, uploading receipts and depositing money in the bank account

4. Foap

This is a great money-making app for photographers and videographers. They can sell their videos and photos on their online photography portfolio and earn money from the app.  The best thing about this app is that a single photo can sell more than one time.

Best money making apps of the year

Use for: earn money by selling video and photos and multiple selling of the same photo/video

5. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the popular money-making apps, especially for people who love giving opinions. Users need to download the surveys app, complete short surveys, and be with Google Play credits or through the Paypal method.

Best money making apps of the year

Use for: earning money by giving opinions

6. iPoll

This is another survey-based money-making app where users need to take surveys to earn. Users can download the app, complete missions or surveys, and visit to cash out the rewards once completed. However, iPoll doesn’t pay rewards in cash but from gift cards, airline miles, among others.

Best money making apps of the year

Use for: survey-based earning and cashback rewards in the form of gift cards and more

7. Acorns

Acorns is a robot-money investing app where the user needs to link their bank account. With every purchase on a store, Acorns will round up to the next dollar and invest the spare change in ETFs. These are then automatically diversified across 7,000-plus stocks and bonds and helps users to develop their financial portfolio gradually. One thing to note is that Acorns charges $1 as a monthly fee.

Best money making apps of the year

Use for: investing money and developing financial portfolio

8. Slidejoy

Ever heard of getting paid every time you swipe your phone? Yes, that’s true; Slidejoy does it. Once a user installs Slidejoy, they will witness ads on the lock screen, swipe left to get information about the ads, swipe right to visit the home screen, or swipe upwards to see more ads. For every swipe on the screen, Slidejoy gives ‘Carats,’ which will be automatically credited to the account. One needs to earn 1,000 ‘Carats’ to get $1. Slidejoy pays the users through Paypal or with gift cards that can be used in different retailers. One can also donate the earnings to their favorite charity, and Slidejoy will call them Heros.

Best money making apps of the year

Use for: earning by sliding for payment and donating money for charities