LinkedIn just announced new AI features to help improve the job search experience for its users, but as expected, the tools are limited to premium subscribers. Artificial intelligence is the first word on every developer and tech executive’s mind. and it’s primarily because of the pressure on every business to flourish a set of AI tools if they don’t want to be left behind. The LinkedIn AI premium features that were just introduced include a set of tools to simplify the job search and improve your chances of getting hired and while we remain cautiously optimistic about its abilities, we’ll witness the real test of its efficacy once people start using the features more globally. 

For now, the LinkedIn AI tools for job seekers are limited to Premium subscribers and it will only be effective in English so there are limitations to its use. Still, if the feature performs well enough, we could see it expand to other languages over time.

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LinkedIn AI Features Arrive on the Scene—Job Searches Don’t Have to Be Dreary

When it comes to building a professional reputation, LinkedIn is easily one of the most important tools we have for setting up a more work-centric portfolio. Not only is it used to create an online resume to showcase our careers, but the website also doubles as a hiring platform that strives to connect job hunters with job seekers. Despite the positives, job applications aren’t easy on those seeking a new role and neither do recruiters find the right profiles with ease. This creates room for perhaps one of the most useful applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

LinkedIn’s AI job application tools are multifaceted and offer up a collection of supportive systems to make the job hunt a little less exhausting. From LinkedIn’s AI career coach to premium company pages for small businesses, there are a lot of different ideas swimming around in their pool of AI.

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LinkedIn AI Premium Strives to Match the Job Hunters With the Job Seekers

The LinkedIn AI job application portal will soon make it easier to navigate through the job postings available on the platform to connect users with their intended roles. Without AI, to find jobs that are relevant to you, you’re expected to set the right filters along with the title and then scroll through the results, some of which are relevant and others that have nothing in line with what you’re looking for. The new LinkedIn Premium update will help you use simple text to type in what your key criteria are using natural language.

The blog post about the AI tool has a simple, straightforward example—“Find me a remote marketing job in Detroit that pays at least $110,000.” Clear and to the point, just like we’d hoped. 

Subscribing to LinkedIn AI Premium will also help you get immediate feedback and recommendations on your application, with a sprinkle of what you would need to match a specific job requirement. If the job post asks for a cover letter, the AI tools will help with personalized recommendations on what you could say, also leaving room for you to edit it to suit you better. With every new application, it’s a good idea to write a cover letter specific to the role, but when we’re caught up with sending out applications in bulk, that detail often slips our minds.

LinkedIn AI Career Coach—an Advice Hub for All Things Employment

An AI tool may know nothing about working a 9-to-5, but it does have a trove of insights into what recruiters prioritize in their hiring cycles. Trained by experts and powered by advice from industry leaders, the LinkedIn AI career coach is designed to bring personalized insights from the best sources straight to you on LinkedIn Learning. Watching and learning from a LinkedIn course will now be easier, giving you the freedom to ask the AI questions and understand why specific elements are relevant to you. 

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Image: LinkedIn AI simplifies how you look for candidates

LinkedIn AI Premium Is All Set To Benefit Businesses As Well

While the LinkedIn AI features aim to make the platform more useful for individual users who want to expand their professional networks, they have new tech available for businesses as well. LinkedIn Recruiter 2024 will soon make it easier for employers to find quality candidates for open positions with natural language prompts to instruct the AI to source the right profiles. 

According to Hari Srinivasan, VP of Product at LinkedIn, search phrases like “I want to hire a senior growth marketing leader,” should bring up a more relevant list of candidates who fit the expectations. To improve the quality of the candidate pool, the LinkedIn AI feature will also add personalized suggestions on how you can enhance your search.

Marketers will also benefit from the AI campaign creation capabilities, optimized for “delivering great results for advertisers with 52% lower cost per action.” Small businesses haven’t been left out either. The AI updates should help them increase their reach with AI-guided messages and the AI-powered writing assistant, and they can also use the Premium Company Pages to attract and convert more clients. With page insights to supplement the data they have at their fingertips, LinkedIn’s AI features could significantly enhance the value of maintaining their professional profile.

Will these updates and tools be enough to boost the platform’s performance? So far it’s hard to tell. We’ve personally been victimized by LinkedIn’s auto alerts and messages constantly filling our inboxes so throwing AI into the mix might only make the platform more mechanical and unappealing than it already is. However, if people begin to find more value in LinkedIn’s AI career coach and all the other features, the adoption of artificial intelligence might not be so bad.