Water sports are gaining immense popularity among other sports as they are adventurous as well as a good way to exercise. And now such aquatic activities have been taken to the next level by SCUBAJET. Founded by Patrizia Giovanniello, SCUBAJET is the world’s most powerful jet-engine for water sports gear. It is available of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, which is hosting its second campaign here. SCUBAJET has a flexible engine made for stand up paddle boards, canoes, dinghies, diving and many other such aquatic activities. Significantly, this device can change almost any existing equipment into a powerful electric water sports gear within seconds. Based on individual needs, it makes the aquatic equipment fast, comfortable and reliable. The SCUBAJET allows the user to make decisions as per his demands which is done by combining motor power and paddling.

Varied Uses of the SCUBAJET

One of the fastest growing water sports nowadays is Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Within a few seconds, the SCUBAJET can turn any ordinary stock board into a powerful SUP board.  The conventional diving scooters are big and bulky which makes them a little inconvenient to use. Such scooters weigh between 10 to 25 kg. Whereas, the SCUBAJET has a streamlined appearance which weighs only 3 kg. including the Dive Adaptor. Due to these innovative adaptors, the conversion of this device into any hi-tech water sports gear can take place just by changing these adaptors. This does not require any technical skill and is on basis of the principle of plug and play. By selecting an appropriate adaptor, it is ready to use within seconds. It also supports and provides adaptors for more than 20 manufacturers which is another plus point of this device.

SCUBAJET’s Technical specs

For better performance, the water cooled hi-tech engine can provide up to 3.1kW performance. Various motor mappings are available in the SCUBAJET which act as an assist mode for the desired sports activity. This also increases the water sports activity’s efficiency by three times. The powersafe technology of this device adjusts the performance dynamically and gives the user a longer battery life. The battery is removable and replacable with an extra battery pack under water in case of an emergency.

The SCUBAJET is accompanied with a water resistant remote which can be called the essence of this device. With this remote, one can start the device; stop it or even alter the speed levels under the surface of water. Also, the motor of the SCUBAJET shuts off automatically if the remote control is some meters apart from the engine. The power unit is completely emission-free and barely audible which helps in keeping the natural aura of the water body calm. It also has an auto shut off system which stops the engine immediately in case a child falls into the water with the SCUBAJET.

This device is a great indulgence for water sports lovers as its electric motor allows the user to go further and find the perfect spot to enjoy. One can also stay on the water longer without running out of energy and can enhance the experience of the adventure. The SCUBAJET also makes sure that the user comes back to the shore safely hence it is suitable for not only sports enthusiasts but families as well.