The Sea of Thieves game is getting a new crossover with the Fightin’ Frogs ship set inspired by the new Battletoads game remake. Players can now grab their new amphibious ship set tomorrow with the release of the new Battletoads. However, there is a catch to the crossover. The players will have to play the game through Act One of the remake to acquire the Battletoads ship set. This is a good deal considering the players can finish the mission and earn their reward sooner “any time.”

Battletoads is launching itself on Xbox Game Pass. This means the subscribers don’t require purchasing it separately, though that does mean that everyone else will have to pay up for the individual gear cosmetics.

Sea of Thieves With Battleads

Sea of Thieves Battletoads Fightin’ Frogs

Players can now grab their new amphibious ship set tomorrow with the release of the new Battletoads.

The Battletoads ship collection includes themed sails, cannons, capstan, figureheads, flags, hulls, and wheels. There are features in the game that may affect the ship very green, but it’ll be the opponents who will turn green with jealousy when they see the three giant toads clinging to the front of the ship.

This surely isn’t the first time Microsoft is bringing one of its studio’s IPs into the magnificent seafront. Its most recent example has been the State of Decay ship set, which is Halo-inspired and Gears 5-inspired Sea of Thieves ship sets.

About Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a popular action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Xbox Game Studios in 2018. The player in the game takes the role of a pirate who completes voyages across the sea from different trading companies to rule as the ultimate pirate legend. This is a first-person multiplayer game where the players cooperate to explore an open world of seas through a pirate ship. The game is portrayed as a “shared-world adventure game”. This means the groups of players will actively encounter each other during their adventures.

The game was first conceptualized in the year 2014. Rare company explored various settings for the game like vampires and dinosaurs before finalizing the pirate theme. The inspiration for the pirate theme drew from famous films like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Goonies. The game has a progression system where cosmetic items are unlocked as the development team wanted to encourage both casual and experienced players to mingle and play together. The Sea of Thieves is a more transparent game, with Rare company earlier inviting fans to test the game’s early builds.

Microsoft released the Sea of Thieves in March 2018 for Windows and Xbox One. This game was also one of the earliest first-party games that were released for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The game was highly praised for its ship combat, multiplayer gameplay, visuals, and game physics. Rare company envisioned the game title as a “game as a service” and released numerous content updates post the release. The popular game has garnered 15+ million players as of July 2020.