The world has become digital first. It’s essential for industries to modernize their operations and move toward a digital way of doing things. Customers are the key to digital transformation. Your company must understand the full scope of a customer’s journey and determine how they interact with your products and services. This is especially true in the airline industry. Airlines may think that flights are the only important part of a customer’s journey, but that is not the case. Several solutions, including customer ID verification technologies, can assist in simplifying this process for consumers and making them streamlined in a digital format.

ID Verification Technology

Enhance the Customer Journey through Digital Identity Verification

The first step to developing a digital first customer journey is to determine what your customer journey is. Your airline must research its customer base thoroughly to develop accurate user personas. From there, you can create accurate depictions of how these different users approach your company and interact with it. This will allow you to gain knowledge about how your customers book flights with your airline or interact with post-flight surveys.

The goal is to discover key pain points for your customers. You can address several pain points at once by refining and updating your customer onboarding and profile creation process.

Seamless ID Verification technology for Passwordless Registration

We have come to understand that passwords are not a failsafe solution for keeping online accounts safe. For this reason, companies must develop different ways for users to access their online accounts. A lot can improve during the digital onboarding process, such as verifying identities with ease.

One way to do this is by using a seamless ID verification Technology during onboarding. With IDMscan, a digital identity verification technology, every consumer’s identity can be verified using a government-issued ID and then a biometric selfie comparison with the photo on the ID. After this process has been completed, a customer can log in to their account using a biometric selfie which is compared to stored selfie information gathered during the onboarding process. Biometric log-in would be much more secure than password methods.

This method of account sign-in is not only more secure, but also more user friendly as well. Passwordless login eases frustration among customers since they no longer must log-in using a password they’re likely to forget. Plus, as many as 70% of consumers state they support the expanded use of biometrics for security reasons online.

Gather Accurate Information, Especially on Mobile

Gathering information about your customer is critical for the success and longevity of your company. Data gives you a better understanding about your customer and allows you to create customized offerings for them depending on their preferences. Therefore, it’s so important that you gather information accurately and easily.

With tools like IDMautofill, you can extract personal information from a customer’s government issued ID during the onboarding process. This information will be transferred to onboarding form fields for customer ease and convenience. Filling out mobile forms can be especially cumbersome and difficult, so this technology is particularly useful in a mobile environment. IDMautofill can directly affect a customer’s attitude toward your company and service based on how easy it is for them to onboard in a mobile environment.

It is also important to ensure you gather customer information with their knowledge and consent. With the strict rules associated with GDPR, your airline must communicate what information you are gathering of your customer and why it is being gathered. You must also ensure you give your customers the opportunity to edit their imputed data and even opt out of sharing it, if they wish. It is up to your company to demonstrate to your customers why it is in their benefit to share their personal information with your brand.

IDMERIT’s digital identity verification solutions offer robust ways to gather customer data that follow GDPR guidelines.

Securing the Airline Industry

As the world shifts and changes at a rapid rate, airlines must do everything they can to develop security processes that protect consumers. Nevertheless, they must balance their need for security with meeting customer expectations and needs. With the tools showcased above, airlines can not only make their industry more secure, but it can also increase satisfaction among consumers. Digital identity verification technology offers a way to change the way the airline industry operates online by quickly verifying identities in a secure way and simplifying the process for customers.