Whether you want to stream content from another country or protect your data while on public networks, our NordVPN review might just be the solution to your problems. VPNs are useful tools that disguise and hide your data online, and the NordVPN rating is one of the most acknowledged in the game. If you’re caught stressing over thoughts like “Is NordVPN safe?” or “Is NordVPN good?” then understanding the platform and what it does is the best way to get over your fear of finally investing in a VPN.

Securing Your Data Online Starts With This NordVPN Review

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Understanding NordVPN: A NordVPN Review

From kooky ads on weird and wonderful channels like the Internet Historian on YouTube to more somber promotions on platforms like Amazon, NordVPN has been making its presence known since its launch in 2012. Backed by their Nordic ideals of “confidence, trust, and innovation,” the company has grown multifold, leading the conversation on privacy and security. 

NordVPN Services: Is NordVPN Good?

A NordVPN review is difficult to write because there’s so much the platform offers to its subscribers. Its most basic feature as a VPN or Virtual Private Network, is its ability to hide your IP address and connect to more than 5882 servers in 60 countries. It successfully manages to encrypt your connection and allows access to location-restricted content with ease. NordVPN also provides services that notify users if there is any evidence of their data leaking to the dark web—a place where no data deserves to go.

It also serves the additional purpose of ad and tracker blocking, helping you avoid annoying and inappropriate advertising that floods every online service today. NordVPN reviews from CNET and TechRadar confirm their high NordVPN ratings for the impressive speeds you can achieve despite all the rerouting—another benefit to investing in the service.

The company also recently released its Meshnet services, available for free even without a NordVPN subscription. Meshnet allows secure access to devices worldwide, functioning like a private local area network (LAN) instead of passing through external NordVPN servers. It directly connects devices, making it ideal for high-speed, low-latency, and secure activities such as file sharing, collaborative work, and multiplayer gaming. Evidently, NordVPN is very good at protecting your devices and your data.

Is NordVPN Safe?

A big concern with VPNs is that in an effort to stop your data from getting stolen by hackers, companies, and governmental agencies, you might just be handing it to VPNs for an additional fee. Just as important as it is to assess its services, our NordVPN review also covers its security considerations. The company has a “no-logging” policy, which states its commitment to clearing all records of your online activity and ensuring no traces are left behind for misuse. The policy itself is nothing special as most VPNs make such similar claims. What sets NordVPN’s safety commitments apart is that the company volunteers to be audited for these no-logging and data security claims. 

For the third time since 2018, the company underwent an audit, this time by Deloitte, and successfully passed the review. Previously audited by PwC as well, NordVPN appears committed to the standards it sets and to securing its users’ trust. 

In addition to the no-logging policy, the company has a kill switch that blocks off internet access in case the VPN connection drops. Other promised safety measures include multi-factor authentication, absence of data tracking, AES-256 data encryption, and NordVPN-operated DNS servers

 NordVPN Country List

NordVPN has servers across the globe and allows users to access 60 different countries. The NordVPN country list expands to 8 countries in the Americas, 37 countries in Europe, 11 countries in Asia Pacific, and the last 4 split between Africa and the Middle East. They offer four types of servers apart from the regular VPN: P2P, Obfuscated, Double VPN, and Dedicated IP. Not all of the servers are available in all the listed countries, but there are enough options to find one that is right for you. 

NordVPN Cost

Admittedly, the NordVPN cost is what holds many back from switching to the VPN as it does come at a higher price than other reliable VPNs. The NordVPN price per month starts at $12 for the Standard plan and offers high-speed VPN, malware protection, and tracker and ad blocker as a part of the package. The $13 and $14 Plus and Complete monthly plans offer additional security and management features.

NordVPN costs do become more reasonable for those who choose to invest in the services long-term, with the one-year plan starting at $4.49 per month, and the two-year offer starting at $2.99 per month. For those convinced about the benefits of a VPN, the NordVPN price per month is more affordable via the long-term plans. 

If you’re still on the fence about whether to invest, NordVPN also has a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you give it a try and are unsatisfied with the services.

How Many Devices Can I Use with My NordVPN Subscription?

You can cover up to six devices with one NordVPN subscription. This means that you could simultaneously make use of the VPN connection on six different systems at one time. The condition of use is that you cannot connect to the same server simultaneously, unless you choose different protocol options from those NordVPN has available. According to the company, the five protocols available are HTTP proxy, SOCKS5, NordLynx, OpenVPN TCP, and OpenVPN UDP. 

To sum up this NordVPN review, it is a much loved and trusted service that guarantees data safety and provides a stress-free online experience. The cost of NordVPN is higher than many other plans if you consider a monthly subscription but the NordVPN price per month is much more affordable when the yearly plans are considered. And is NordVPN safe? Yes, and with its considerable country list of servers, our NordVPN rating is positively inclined toward investing in its services.