Gone are the days when pen and paper were the mainstream note-making tools. With the advanced digitalization, we now use the digital medium to set reminders or make a quick note; cell-phone notes for instance. Senstone has brought to us an evolved device to make notes spontaneously just on a click. Senstone’s AI-powered pendant stores the voice notes on-the-go and converts it into text.

Senstone AI-powered device

Senstone AI-powered pendant

The Kickstarter Senstone project to develop an AI-powered wearable was launched in November. The black oval-shaped wearable has two pointed ends and is bound with a silver rim. It accommodates a tiny press button on the silver confine which is to start the voice recording.The design of the pendant is not very pleasing as jewelry but the silver confine gives it the okay-to-wear look.

You can use the Senstone AI-powered device to capture your voice in many forms: as a pendant or a wrist wearable attaching it to a strap or can plunge it to your collar or at other ends. Well, you do not unpack the strap with the device but it’s an alternative form the Kickstarter suggests.  The Senstone device creates different light patterns to indicate the status. To be specific, the short flash gleam means that it is recording and the five glowing dots give the indication that it’s charging. The varying light patterns make it look like the supernatural pendant shown in fictional movies.

The wearable is pretty thick formed of black polycarbonate, glossy fingerprint magnet. However, we came to know that the final product pendant would have a scratch resistant glass panel. The wearable will be made available in many different colors.

Some remarkable specs

The Senstone is supported on both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, it is an independent device and does not need anything on-the-go for operating. On offline mode (when your connected device is not nearby), it can constantly record up to 2.5 hours. The battery life is 80mAH. Analysts say that even with this battery life it can last four days without charging on normal usage.

In a quiet environment, the Senstone is precisely able to process all what you say into the text format and store it in a Bluetooth connected iOS app. The support for other apps is also available.

The Senstone guarantees precise recording at a distance of up to 8-inches from your mouth. It takes a minute or a two to transcribe to text after you are done with the recording process.

The best part

The Senstone app has interesting features and allows you to edit the translated text. So you may not worry about the errors for you can sort it out later. Furthermore, the app can track the location where you have recorded the note. You can also have the recording backup in the app and can play it if needed. The best part is the support for search optimization i.e., you can save your memos with keywords and hashtags. So if you don’t remember the saved name of the text then keywords will help you to find the same. How convenient and time-saving is that!

Senstone is perfect for some weirdo’s and certain professionals

There do exist many Louis Litt’s, so as in Suits, who talk to themselves to pass affirmations. So for such fellows, the pendant is a perfect tool to record their stuff. Some rocking idea that strikes to your mind at the hit of the moment if recorded may help you someday.  To professional hosts and geographic researchers, this Senstone device can be proved helpful. But to the people ashamed of expressing in public, this device is of no use.

Senstone Price and Release

The Senstone price starts from $100. As in it may have different price ranges. We are soon to see it at the fall of this July.

Do we normal humans need Senstone AI-powered device?

We are really perplexed to state the conclusion that despite this minority holding exceptional people, do we normal humans need to record our stuff? To get down the confusion, your valuable opinions are awaited in the comments.