It’s Practically Confirmed: Apple buff, John Gruber guesses that the iPhone 7 keynote event would likely take place on September 7th. Indeed his forecast is right. It unambiguously appears that people with knowledge of the matter have September 7th predicted as the iPhone 7 release date.

Mark Gurman’s report for Bloomberg, the software company, faintly states that the next versions of the smartphone is planned to be exposed by Apple Inc. on September 7th.

Apple company presenter Bill Evans denies to confirm this. But the info is said to have come from a secret source at Apple Inc. Moreover, relying on the company’s track record with older iPhone versions here’s how iPhone 7 release date calendar is shaping up.

  • Apple holds a special media event to introduce the iPhone 7, on September 7th.
  • Pre-orders for both the versions likely to begin by the 9th or 10th of September.
  • iPhone 7 officially goes on sale on September 16th.

iPhone 7 Specs

iPhone7 specs

Previous reports suggest that the mere changes anticipated for the iPhone 7 is the amputation of its headphone plug. The new phone will look thinner and have better water resistance ability. Nonetheless, the lightning port on the phone will act as both – a charging port and headphone connection. Other changes to the iPhone design will be applied to the next generation version which will be the iPhone 8 in 2017.

Prior reports also suggest that the company is going to foxhole the old-style 3.5 mm jack and integrate the all new “3D Touch Home Button” in the forthcoming iPhone 7. Above all, this latest flagship device is expected to look a lot parallel to its preceding version, iPhone 6S. The larger iPhone plus variant will also story the same features and is possibly to entertain better photo-taking proficiency. Much-improved cameras will be used in both the versions – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Besides that, the home button on the iPhone 7 will not be a mechanical button as it has always been with every former generation of the iPhone. In its place, the iPhone 7 home button will rest on top of sensors that will vibrate when pressed. The company has probably taken this step to create an artifice of a powered home button.

Another feature from the list of iPhone 7 specs is also worth revealing. Moreover, the generation versions will probably begin with a storage capacity of 32GB device. This will thereby relieve a long-lasting concern of lesser storage that iPhone users have had. Definitely, 16 GB of storage was more than adequate back in the earlier years. But today tech-invaded lifestyle smartphones encourage us to take high-res photos and videos. Henceforth, eating up 16 GB of storage can happen much quickly.

We’re Almost There

Of course, nothing is ever official, until Apple Inc. authoritatively gives out official invitations. It outlooks to reason that the above plan is what Apple has in store with reference to its next-generation version iPhone 7. With September progressively impending, we’re edging ever nearer to the splendid launch of Apple’s iPhone 7. Whilst the smartphone will probably not introduce a drastic new restructure or revolutionary specs, the device will certainly bring a number of internal improvements.