The launch of smartphones by Apple Inc. is like a seasonal affair that is much-awaited by people worldwide. It is like one of those final matches by the best team in a particular sport for which its fans from across the globe flock to the stadium to witness it. Here, everyone can’t attend the launch event yet they are glued to various news sources awaiting updates for the next iPhone. Now it’s the season for the excitement of the iPhone 8. Being an Apple product, it’s obvious that the internet is filled with rumors about the model. Over the last few weeks, the unveiling of such specifications is gradually taking place.

During the recent weekend, various new iPhone 8 specs are coming up one-by-one. The most appealing part of a luxury smartphone like an iPhone is the design. On a practical basis, this is the first feature which any layman notices when the specs of an iPhone are out. Everyone wishes to have a sleek yet stylish phone in their hand more like an accessory like a necessity. The latest specification of the iPhone 8 is about the mirror-like finish its back cover will possess. This reflective texture is the unique one in its kind which will make it stand out among all other smartphones.


The latest specification of the iPhone 8 is about the mirror-like finish its back cover will possess.

iPhone 8 specs

If rumors are to be believed, this upgraded model will have a wireless charging device. This means that one will not need a cable adjoining the smartphone to the charger in order to boost the battery. Instead, the wireless device will enable the recharge of the phone in a particular vicinity of the charger. The tech giant is already advertising the edge-to-edge OLED display after confirmation from an official source. Due to such a display, Apple is facing issues to set up a Touch ID on the OLED screen. For this, the company might put in a facial recognition feature instead. This will be an alternative form of biometric identification.

Coming to the design of the iPhone 8, the makers are trying their best to make it even more appealing. Earlier there were speculations that the latest iPhone will be available in six colors. But now the news of the reflective finish comes as a surprise. Along with this mirror-like finish, the flagship phone will be available in four colors. According to common logic, these colors will be metallic in nature owing to the texture of the body. This metallic finish will compliment the curved edges of the smartphone.