On a cold stormy night, you are lying in your bed feeling bored. You pick up your phone and decide to have some fun with your best friend. It so happens that even he is bored and looking for something fun to do. Both of you fire away in a not-so-logical conversation just to while away time. Emojis don’t instigate the fun element as it’s become a regular feature. To make things more interesting, you two start a GIF war. Not only do you strike a conversation strictly based of GIFs, but you also stalk each other’s social media profiles and comment the same. After a point of time, you run out of the available stock of GIFs. This is when the new feature of the Facebook camera will come in handy.

You might have spent a lot of time looking for the ideal GIF in context with the conversation you are having or a comment you want to make on someone’s social media post. When we aren’t satisfied with what is provided, we browse through other sites to look for the one closest to what we are thinking of. Despite this, it is a little difficult to get exactly what you are looking for. Now Facebook camera gives you the liberty to create your own GIF. This feature lets us explore our creativity to produce something unique.


The GIF creator is currently only available for certain iPhone users.

GIF creator on the Facebook camera only for iOS

GIFs have always been a fun way to express ourselves as it has the ability to instantly bring a smile on everyone’s face. You need not be a photo or video software pro to create a GIF. Nor do you need a complex computer. All you need is your iPhone and the Facebook app installed on it. This feature is currently only available on the iOS app.

In the iOS app, go to the Facebook camera feature from where we usually upload our stories. Once the camera opens, there will be an option on the top of your screen to record a GIF. You have the freedom to create a GIF of anything you want, as long as it’s kept short. Even though the GIF lasts for only a few seconds, you can use any of the filters and frames provided in the normal mode. The GIF created can be added to your story, or uploaded as a post, or simply saved in your camera roll. The GIF creator is currently only available for certain iPhone users. This signifies that it is still in its testing phase.