The gig economy is a rage nowadays! Gig hustling too is! Earn a few extra bucks with these efficient gig apps of the year.

Gig hustling sets you free, makes you your boss and lets you earn some extra money in addition to the routine work. Gig hustling is an appealing thing too, and there are many popular gig economy platforms and apps which are in use frequently and by all.

Best Side Gig Apps of 2020

Some of the best gig apps of the year include:


This is a popular task-based marketplace where the where users and the people looking for workers can connect and get work done. Categories of work in TaskRabbit include home cleaning, furniture assembling, painting, yard work, and handyman tasks. There are specific TaskRabbit tasks that offer high hourly rates, with the general functions paying more than the minimum wage rates in the market.

TaskRabbit Gig Economy Apps 2020


This is a perfect app for dog lovers, where dog owners and sitters connect. It allows the pet owners to hand over the pet to a sitter when required. The sitter tasks may be in house sitting, day-care, or the regular pet walking services in exchange for cash.

Rover App


This app is similar to Rover and allows users to make money by walking dogs. The users need to create an account, a schedule, and start earning money by walking dogs or sitting them. However, Wag takes up 40% of all completed jobs in the commission process, which is higher in comparison to Rover.

Wag App


This app consists of tasks like home cleaning, furniture assembling, wall mounting, and other odd jobs that a person might require. The app pays a substantially higher pay than the minimum wage.

Handy app


For users who like helping people move from one place to another, Dolly is the app. One can register on Dolly as a ‘Helper’ or a ‘Hand.’ The helper section requires users to own their own pickup truck/box truck, which needs to be capable of lifting 75+pounds. The hands, on the other hand, are users who are there to offer extra help. The helpers get $30/hour, and Hands get $15/hour.

Dolly app


For the users who are professional landscapers or love to maintain a delicate and attractive green, this is the app. The app connects the lawn care professionals to clients for tasks like lawn mowing, aeration, pest control, weed control, grass seeding, and lawn cleaning, among others.



This app provides tasks like manufacturing processes, shipping, delivery, and logistic work, among others, for users. The supply of these kinds of functions and the pay is quite high on this application. It is a job marketplace app for workers to find the appropriate work and accept them. Though the jobs listed are temporary labor tasks, one can still get a decent wage from them!

WonoloApp Side Gig Apps


This is one of the popular gig hustling platform applications. On this app, users find flexible and same-day job offers from a vast marketplace of gig hustling posts. Users need to download the app, create a profile (with resume and qualifications) and look for employment in an area. There is also a Jobbler job board for users to check details and updates. There are a variety of jobs from different industries listed on Jobbler, like restaurants, eateries, delivery companies, as well as event management companies, among others.

Jobble App


This app connects skilled technicians with clients. The regular tasks in Hellotech include WiFi/Internet troubleshooting, quick audio/video assistance, TV mounting, tablet/device support, and general IT assistance, among others. The app requires the user to include the skill sets and take a skill assessment, a phone screening, and give a background check before creating an active account and applying for work in Hellotech. The pay is best in Hellotech in comparison to other applications.

The present scenario of emerging gig hustling has made finding work more accessible and convenient. Just download the app on the smartphone, create an account, and start hustling away in your area!