Smartphone apps

Technology is changing constantly, and so are human needs. There are millions of apps for different OS platforms that could make your life simpler. In this world with emerging technologies, some apps have become part of our daily life. Here are some of the Smartphone apps that can be included in the list of Apps of the month.


If you are planning to hang out with a group of friends and would love to mingle with another group of like-minded people, here’s the app for you. Mesh will allow you to send and accept invitations from your area. It will show you a list of groups going for similar activity as yours.

You just need to match with a similar group in Tinder-style and meet up for the planned activity. The app will display your plans and invitations; also, it will let you create new groups and plans in minutes. This app is currently available for free on iOS platform.


Waze is the most widely used traffic routing app after Google Maps. Waze will help the users to make their trips faster and more efficient. Waze will reduce the time required to reach from one point to another. It informs users about road closures and will provide with an alternate route.

Waze is the favourite app of drivers to reduce their commute time. Waze provides real-time updates from other drivers to keep the users updated about the traffic. This app is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


Dartboard is a quirky app that perfectly fits the current social media trends. There are times when you use voice messages as an alternative to text messages, especially when you are lazy or do not feel like having a phone conversation. Dartboard is a voice messaging app that will allow you record your messages with a tap and send it to your friends. This app is mainly used when you know that the recipient is in a quite environment.

It also provides various filters that will make you sound like anything from a mouse to a monster. Dartboard is similar to Snapchat, but for voice messages, your voice messages will be gone as soon as the recipient hears it.

Stop swipin!

Everyone comes across a situation when he gives his phone to his friend to view a picture and he starts swiping. Stop swipin! will deal with it. This app allows you to choose pictures that you want to show and will create a separate gallery for them.

With this Smartphone app, you don’t need to worry about your friends seeing that embarrassing selfie of yours. You can simply choose the images and this app will display those images on top of the lock screen. This app is currently available for Android.

Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker

This app helps you check if your Wi-Fi connection is slowing the internet speed. It also suggests you some tricks and tips for fixing the connection problems. However, it does not provide many details.

It is found that one in every five home Wi-Fi face connection problems. This app will help you to fix those issues and will provide more speed. This Smartphone app is currently available for Android and iOS platforms.

These apps can be surely announced as the Apps of the month: January 2016