Chat 2.0


Snapchat is now a lot more than ephemeral photos and texts with the recent Chat 2.0 update. This update makes Snapchat a competitor to every messaging or social networking app that exists today. At its initial phase, it was just an app that high schoolers used for sexting, but with time, it has evolved into the most vivacious app.

If you missed the latest and greatest update of Snapchat, Chat 2.0 came up with six new features that will drastically change the good ole Snapchat. Chat 2.0 will enable users to make both audio and video call using the Snapchat 2.0, they can add audio and video notes, which are basically GIFs with or without sound. Users can share more than one snaps at a time, and can also draw all over them if they wish to. They can even share photos while busy in an audio or video call. All these things can be done seamlessly so that the app can be used intuitively.

Along with these updates, it will come up with the Auto-Advance Stories, which will automatically start the next user story once you reach the end of one story. (Ugh! That’s annoying!) Well, you can simply skip by swiping, or exit by pulling down.

If you are wondering if you have been hit by the update, you can just open your app, check under your story in the Discover section. You may come across our little ghost friend throwing up a rainbow, and as you click it; it will take you on a virtual tour, explaining you about the new abilities of Snapchat 2.0.

So, it’s clear that Snapchat is no more your grandma’s sexting app, with all these features, it is really trying hard to stay away from the label of “The most popular sexting app”. It is providing every single way the users interact across various platforms, making it a one-stop shop.

As most of the Snapchat’s existing users use it for chat and story features, adding these new features can surely prove to be a game changer. While we cannot predict how users will like these new features, it is certain that Snapchat is here to stay.

Happy Snapping!