The Light L-16 camera that was announced two years ago embodies 16 lenses in the chassis. Yes, you heard it right “16 lenses”. Fortunately, the Light L-16 camera has now achieved finished touch and would be soon on the doors of the pre-order customers.

Light L-16 camera

The DSLR quality camera that produces 52 MP stills looks the same as the photos released in 2015. There are certain pictures of final production released by Petapixel. And since the release date is nearing, we should surely get down to the specs of this iconic device.

The pictures available show the back and somewhat the side portion of the console. So, we got an indication from the stills that the camera has flatter edges. We do not have any specific clue about the location of ports and other controls. But the company has released the specs and wows of the iconic camera and we cannot miss to see it.


The camera build contains die-cast aluminum cover having dimensions 6.5*3.3*0.94-inch. There is a 5-inch high-resolution FHD touchscreen for viewing images and operating the camera. The body of the camera crams 16 individual lenses with the wider aperture. Also, for its 16 lenses, there are 16 individual sensors with a resolution of 13MP. There are three types of lenses with aperture 5*28mm f/2.0, 5*70mm f/2.0, and 6*150mm f/2.4 that forms the 16 lenses of the camera. The console possesses a storage capacity of 256 GB which allows you to store around 1000 plus images.

Light L-16 camera

The Light L-16 camera is powered by the high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip and Light ASIC. The camera has Android Operating system and features inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS system. Also, the camera has dual tone LED flash and USB 3.0 and Type-C connector ports. It offers 4K video resolution at a full frame equivalent with the three different focal length bearing group of 16 lenses.

The highlights

Direct social media sharing:

The Light L-16 camera has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to post directly to your social network.

Automatic OTA updates:

The 16 lens camera is built exclusively on Android platform. So its high-end app supports over-the-air updates that will always automatically maintain the most up-to-date version of your camera.

Precise, Optimized and high-resolution image:

The L-16 takes photos intelligently by picking up the best combination of the camera modules. The image obtained is precise and optimized for the console offers high depth-of-field control and massive resolution.

 L-16 Price and Delivery

The iconic L-16 is tagged with $1,699 US. The company will start shipping the pre-orders on July 14. The company will soon make more units and would make the console available for all. We would discover more about the Light L-16 camera after the company starts delivering it. Whether the console really stands on the hype or not, we will find out soon.