Are you fed up with concentrating on yourself during a lockdown? Or just bored of spending time with oneself? With social good apps, you can consider doing something that will have a positive impact on the world and help others and make you happy. Along with many personal activities like handling finances, following a diet, some do good apps serve as a bridge to meet and connect with strangers.

5 Social Good Apps That’ll Help You Change the World

One of the distinctive features of these social good apps is that they are driven by a kind network of strangers helping strangers. Some of these do good apps include:

1. Be My Eyes

This do good app is for helping a blind or visually impaired person. The idea behind the app is simple and makes a massive difference to the life of blind or vision impaired people. With the use of video calls, this app connects the people who need help with the ones who have time to spare.

To use the app, the person needs to register, select the languages that they can speak, and then allow notifications and microphone access. When a visually impaired person needs help, whether to identify food, read a sign, or find a missing object, the user will get a notification on their device and can connect to help them.


OLIO app is for sharing food and non-food items. A user can sign up and post their wares for an effective sell-out, and any person would require the particular items will request them and turn up at the venue to collect. The sellers are not abided to meet at their house; they can arrange a public meeting with the buyer or drop off the items themselves at the location. The social good app uses the location feature to match buyers with sellers in the immediate area. Users can also choose to widen the search, though the idea is to keep it local. OLIO strives to make people reuse and recycle items and form social ties within the community. Users can also request items through the OLIO app.

3. Wakie

Wakie is a chat app for direct voice communication with strangers and where anyone can create a topic discussion and connect easily with a real person. The idea of Wakie is to request advice, practice speaking a new language or connect with strangers through a phone call. In Wakie, one can see a lot of requests to practice speaking English, people looking for a chat, and the usual static people associate with internet chat rooms. However, not every topic discussed on the app requires a voice response; users can leave text comments too. Wakie also enables users to help others this way, it’s a unique experience, and there are several opportunities to help others out. One can also join an existing club in Wakie, or filter content by topic to find precisely what they’re looking for.

4. Golden Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to help strangers, and the Golden Volunteer Opportunities app makes this experience more accessible and helpful. The idea behind the app is to remove barriers of communication between people. To use this do good app, a person needs to sign up, grant location features to the app, and look for volunteering opportunities in their area. One can filter the volunteering work by location, availability, and the types of volunteering work one wishes to involve in. There are also other filters like indoor/outdoor, active/mellow, mind/body, and independent/social available in the app.

 5. Elev8society Volunteer Opportunities

This is another volunteer servicing app, the only distinctive feature being that in this app, one can volunteer from anywhere in the world.  Elev8society Volunteer Opportunities app represents four principal cities: Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and New York. These cities offer real opportunities for users to go out and help people, or they can also opt for the “anywhere” option instead. The volunteer works in the app are mostly remote activities and small acts of kindness.