Sonos has captivated the music market with its incredible speakers, but if the Sonos ACE headphones leaks are anything to go by, they’re not done with making a mark just yet. With the quality of the Sony WH-1000XM5 and the Apple AirPods Max and suspicious similarities in design, the Sonos ACE hi-fi headphones might arrive sooner than we’d expected. On their achingly empty Instagram page, the company teased that their “most requested product ever” was coming soon on May 21, 2024, at 6 AM PDT. This could be anything really, the Roam 2 is also expected to arrive this year, but we’re inclined to believe this is a Sonos ACE headphones teaser.

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Sonos ACE Headphones Leaks—30 Hours of Battery to Keep the World At Bay

Following the Q1 Fiscal 2024 financial highlights Sonos CEO Patrick Spence had hinted at the transition into a new category, making no mention of the Sonos ACE hi-fi headphones specifically. “We are just months away from announcing our highly anticipated new product in a multi-billion dollar category, which will be the first major milestone of our multi-year product cycle. Our full attention is dedicated to successfully executing on our plan and positioning our business to return to top and bottom line growth. Great things are happening here at Sonos and the best is yet to come.” Rumors later revealed that the company was expanding its catalog to wireless headphones.

Bloomberg was among the first to break the news of the wireless, over-the-ear headphones years ago in 2019, but there were no updates on the Sonos headphones rumors for a long while.

The company has grown in popularity considerably since that initial report, and the Sonos ACE headphones launch has become more of a reality over these last few months. Leaks about the Sonos ACE headphones had suggested the device would be coming in June, but the company must have addressed the software issues that had supposedly delayed the launch, allowing for a May release.

Sonos ACE hi-fi headphones

What the Sonos ACE Headphones Leaks Say about the Device Specs

The majority of the Sonos headphones rumors state that it will be priced around $450 USD and at that price, there better be a sufficient range of features that make it worth the money. From the images that have been leaked, the device falls somewhere in between the Sony WH-1000XM5 and the Apple AirPods Max, the oblong ear cups attached to metal strips that extend into a cushy band that will rest on your head. The images show two color options so far, black and white, and it’s likely the company will stick to a basic color scheme considering none of their devices are known for embracing the Pantone color wheel. 

Physical buttons for playback control have been spotted on the sides for ease of use and touch-sensitive integrations could also make an appearance. According to The Verge, the Sonos ACE hi-fi headphones are said to offer lossless audio playback via Bluetooth and they should have support for dynamic head tracking built in. This means they will be able to follow a user’s movement when listening to spatial audio content. The detachable magnetic earcuffs reported should also make the device a more reliable companion over time, allowing users to change the section for new ones when they wear out over time.

The Sonos ACE headphones leaks also hint at 40 mm drivers and eight microphones that will help with ANC and transparency modes. The 312-gram headphones may be heavier than the alternatives you’re familiar with, but looking at the build of the audio devices, they should be comfortable regardless of weight. As is common these days, a headphone jack appears to be missing from the Sonos ACE hi-fi headphones but they should come with a USB-C cable that can be connected to the 3.5mm port—that is, if you’re listening device has a 3.5mm port, a feature that is increasingly fading out of popularity among tech makers. The headphones will also have an automatic pause feature for when you move it off your ears, a much-loved feature that should be standard in every headphones series henceforth. 

Battery and Connectivity Details Suggested by the Sonos Headphones Rumor

The Sonos ACE headphones leaks indicate that the device can last up to 30 hours, which is great news for everyone who lives with their headphones on all day. They have a long charging time of 3 hours, but 3 minutes plugged in should give you three hours of play, which feels like a fair bargain. Apart from wired and Bluetooth connectivity options, the Sonos ACE headphones leaks also suggest the presence of Wi-Fi support. 

According to SoundGuys, the headphones will be compatible with the Sonos soundbars to enhance the surround sound experience, controlled by hand gestures on the right side of the device. This is a unique bit of integration that the company can offer with its preexisting technology, prompting the purchase of both for a well-rounded experience. If this integration is available, like the AirPods 3 and its HomePod Mini sync, you could swap between your headphones and Sonos speakers easily, customizing your listening experience to suit you. 

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Where Are We With Sonos Right Now?

Sonos has not put its best foot forward in recent weeks as its app update—which looks great—arrived with key features missing. Users have been left greatly disappointed in the wake of the biggest update the app has seen in recent times. The queue-related settings and sleep timers have disappeared and many pointed out that certain accessibility features are now inaccessible. 

It’s interesting that the company is choosing to launch a device when its public image has been met with such dissatisfaction, where even existing customers may not consider a new purchase until a few of the main in-app issues are addressed. Some hold out hope that the app will fix itself and get back on track to previous levels of functionality but that remains to be seen. 

The Sonos headphones rumors don’t dive into details about the audio quality and other features of the upcoming device but we shouldn’t have to wait more than a few hours to see what Sonos has to say. There is still time for a plot twist where we are all collectively wrong about the Sonos ACE hi-fi headphones launch. Still, it would be interesting to see what the company thinks is their “most requested product ever.”