If you are planning to surround your place with clear and rich audio then, Sonos Playbase is a perfect thing that lets you play music in sync throughout your multi-room arena. Sync isn’t required; you can also deck your place with different music in different zones also.

Sonos has always given us dedicated audio products. While in 2014, Sonos the audio manufacturer stepped into a new territory with the launch of Sonos Player soundbar; an external audio element specially designed to support your television to surround your room with amplified audio. Soundbars are becoming popular to couple up with the super-thin televisions with its amazing sound quality; leaving no stone unturned for an ultimate experience.

Perfect off-the-wall approach

Sonos playbase


“What’s on your TV is only as good as what your TV is on”, so is the definition of the unique audio console given by the brand. The Playbase is a perfect fit for today’s super slim LCD and LED television sets and it is not all a coincidence. You have to hang the typical soundbars on your wall or directly below the TV set. But Sonos soundbar sports a bit practical design. Rather than keeping your television set on an extraneous stand, Playbase offers you to act as a stand as well as an audio overhaul.

Incase of other sound bars, you have to place it below the television sets in a cabinet or a benchtop leaving the place messy. Instead, Sonos provides a practical solution; acting as a stand for your television. The 2.28*28.35*14.96 Sonos sound console can lift up to 77 pounds. So you don’t have to fret over the size and settings of your television set.

Audio quality

Sonos Playbase is a dynamic, low profile design that fills the space with the cinema-like audio. The compact soundbar houses sound acoustics that power the audio to its best. There are 10 amplified sound drivers- six mid range, three tweeters and one woofer that pumps out the sound with deeper booms, clear whispers and huge pulses.

Movies, gaming and other media sounds pulse pounding in this slim and sleek Sonos console; letting you to not compromise even a nail. When your TV is not on, you can stream your favorite music. Connected to a Sonos SUB (sub-woofer) and a pair of satellites, it makes its way to provide the hi-fi sound, at any pitch, without any flaws.

There is a service called ‘Trueplay’ that tunes the speakers to your room with the use of your phone. Switching on this feature fills the room with immense clear music and better surround-sound buzz.

The Sonos mobile app

Sonos Playbase

The Sonos mobile app is the best compatibility provided to control things and select your music. The app allows you to stream on Spotify music as well as satellite radio or Pandora or anything that you would love to listen. There is a feature that allows you to set up a special night mode which reduces the sound explosion in the video/audio and provides a sound optimized enough to enjoy clear dialogues. There are also speech enhancement settings to adjust the sound. You can use any of your wireless consoles to connect to the Sonos gear. Also, adding a sub or satellite speakers is as easy as plugging into a power outlet.If you set to party mode, you can have a rocking sound output; pretty enough to have a party like audio waves.

Sonos Playbase kit: What do you unbox?

The kit of the Sonos sound gear includes an optical audio cable, a power cord, and Ethernet cable. The setup of the Playbase is very easy. You won’t even feel the need to read the manual. The Sonos app would guide you well in the process.

The $799 Playbase is another great product from one of the best audio manufacturers. The product bears a higher price tag but it is competent enough with the other multi-room audio systems. The Playbase sound gear is a perfect fit product to give you an ultimate, cinematic audio experience.