The Sony Bravia XR A95K was first introduced to the world at CES 2022, which happened virtually. For the uninitiated, CES exhibits some of the most fascinating tech innovations of the world and this was no exception. Meanwhile, you can check out the CES 2023 highlights to encounter more such exciting tech stuff. 

It managed to grab the eyeballs of the tech industry in its very first appearance and the tech savvy people went berserk when it finally became available at the stores last year. We all know that Sony’s Bravia has a long legacy thanks to some really stunning models it has churned out over the years. It continues to be one of the most selling TV franchises in the entire world. 

Last year turned out to be too good for Sony as it seemed to have found the right antidote to LG’s surge in the flagship TV domain, courtesy of the top-notch Bravia XR A95K. Let’s delve deeper with this to find out what’s exactly on offer and how this remains unique among the sea of flagship TVs out there, even as we go ahead with 2023. 

Bravia XR A95K Specifications

The Sony Bravia XR A95K appears to be a perfect fit for your gaming sprees, as it syncs quite effortlessly with the PlayStation 5. [Image Credit: Sony]

Sony Bravia XR A95K: Turn on the Unseen, Unreal, Surreal Stuff

The Sony Bravia XR A95K has sold numbers across the globe despite its sky-high price-tag. For, the Bravia XR A95K features more than justifies its price-tag. Let’s first have a look at its major highlights. Here we go!

Major Highlights

  • Unravels next-gen picture and sound with Cognitive Intelligence, reproducing content in the same way we see and hear for a near-perfect lifelike experience. 
  • Through understanding how the human eye focuses, it cross-analyzes images to offer real-life depth, extraordinary contrast and magnificently vivid colors.
  • The panel catapults Sony’s widest palette of colors, courtesy its Cognitive Processor XR. Thanks to this unique processor, it manages to reproduce the natural shades and hues that humans find beautiful, filling the screen with consistently vivid colors and realistic textures at every brightness level. 
  • Sony promises that this TV delivers up to 200% as much color brightness like regular OLED TVs, instilling life to scenes with absolutely pure blacks and its brightest colors.
  • Thanks to the Cognitive Processor XR, it enhances pictures in the exact manner in which your eyes focus so that you won’t miss a single detail – neither in dazzling light, nor in deep shadow.
  • With the Bravia Cam, you can also enjoy video chat on your television set. 
  • It also comes with hands-free help from Google. 
  • The Sony Bravia XR A95K appears to be a perfect fit for your gaming sprees, as it syncs quite effortlessly with the PlayStation 5.

Shall I Buy the Bravia XR A95K? 

In a nutshell, the salient features of this gem of a TV looks simply over the top. However, there’s a catch. It comes with a hefty price-tag of $2,999.99. But again, a television set is not something that you will buy too often. Considering all aspects – the perks it brings to the table, it’s completely worth it. 

But if you don’t want to shell out so much for a TV and are looking for a cheaper Sony Bravia, don’t worry. For, as always we have got you covered. Check out our feature on Sony Bravia X75K