In this Sony HT A9 review, we explain more about the Sony sound system that catches attention when it comes to the quality of sound and the design. With this system, Sony is promising a uniform, even, and immersive sound that will suit your room in an ideal way. 

What can you expect from this system in general? You can expect a clear sound and great versatility when it comes to different sound options. Let’s see what makes Sony HT A9 unique and why you should buy it. 


The Sony HT A9 speakers are over 30cm high and this places them in a category of the higher speakers on the market. However, Sony is trying to make the speakers as understated as possible. There is a matte perforated grille on the front and top sides, while the rear side of each speaker is flattened off. This allows the speakers to sit against the wall and there is a hook for the convenient rigging. 

The system comes in one color that is described as “light pearl” and this color is good for stone, concrete, or contemporary gray rooms, but if your walls are completely white, you may wish that the speakers are lighter. 

Sony HT A9 speakers

The connectivity of the speakers is very good and you will find an eARC output, HDMI, LAN socket, and USB connectivity. Besides the connectivity outputs and inputs, you can connect the hub wirelessly. However, to function, the hub requires a wired connection and you will need to think about the proximity to wall sockets. 

The closeness to the wall sockets will determine the position of the speakers. The cables are standard figure-of-eight cables and you can replace them with longer alternatives for an additional cost. 

There is a small remote that is included in the package and the system can be controlled from the fully-integrated on-screen options which are especially handy if you own a compatible Bravia TV. You can complete the automatic calibration in a fast manner and you can adjust the three sound modes that are standard, music, and surround modes. 

The system supports the Dolby Atmos system which comes in two formats, TrueHD format, and Digital+ format. There are also hi-res wireless audio and Sony 360 Reality Audio, which is a spatial technology that has an intention to surround the listener and offer a more distinctive sound. 

Sound quality 

The overall dispersion of the sound is striking and effective, and you can notice that when you watch the movies and diverse contents. When you have four speakers that are equally sized, you can notice and hear all of the sounds in the room. There is a refined precision and texture that makes this system very effective. 

You will find the movies incredibly entertaining, especially if you watch some action on your TV. The clearness of the speech is noticeable and the overall fizz can add a good impression. The sound fills the room adequately and you can enjoy every type of content that you listen to. You will notice a good speech quality and you will get the impression that there are more than 4 sound sources in the room. 

This sound quality also applies to music. You can hear the bass very well and the overall sound quality is better than expected. The virtual surround sound gives you the impression that a sound system is smooth and made to make a more detailed sound. 


The Sony HT A9 price is around $1799, and for this price, you get a set-up that combines the home cinema sound with the traditional sound packages. However, you will not get the same fidelity and transparency that are offered in a traditional speaker package. Despite this, the Sony HT A9 is a very good choice because many streaming features allow you to hear the sound in a very convenient and effective manner.