The human body is already close to thermal limits due to extreme temperatures caused by climate change. In places like the Persian Gulf and South Asia, climate change could lead to summer heat waves with levels of heat and humidity that exceed what humans can survive without cross ventilation.

Sony might have a solution to keep you cool in the heat of summer. The tech giant’s latest offering ‘Reon Pocket’ is a wearable air conditioner that will keep you cool whether you’re watching a baseball game under the scorching sun or on public transportation. The wearable AC was developed as part of Sony’s startup acceleration program which gets employees’ side projects into the limelight.

Wearable Air Conditioner ‘Reon Pocket’ Capabilities

The Reon Pocket can decrease a person’s body surface temperature by 23 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius). It can also raise it by 14 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) if you wanted to use it during colder days for insulation.

Reon Pocket Sony Wearable Air Conditioner

Like all thermoelectric coolers, Sony’s Reon Pocket operates according to the Peltier Effect. Peltier cooling is achieved by passing a small electrical current through a thermoelectric material. In contrast to compressor technology, the Peltier effect works for either heating or cooling.

There’s one big downside to the cooling device – it would have a battery that lasts less than two hours.

Reon Pocket Launch Date

The portable air conditioner is currently live on Sony’s crowdfunding website ‘First Flight.’ A single device ranges from 2,760 to 19,030 yen (about $117 to $175), depending on the version and how many undershirts you want to buy with it.

Sony Air Conditioner Portable Wearable

According to Sony’s website, portable AC Reon Pocket should be available sometime around March 2020.