If you are an ardent fan and follower of sports, the sports apps are the best tools for you! Across the globe, there are several international and national championships in various sports which makes it difficult for the person to remains updated and informed about all of them. A more natural way to track news of the sporting world is to download the sports apps and follow news from there.

We have listed 10 best sports apps which keeps sports fans up-to-date with news and events of the sporting world:


This is an official app for the popular Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks in the United States. The application transmits sports beyond the USA and is available across the world. Through the app, sports fans can get minute scores, news, watch games of different sports and many more. There are also various podcasts and video records of the sporting program. Users can customize the app by selecting their favourite leagues and teams and even set alerts for breaking news about a specific league or championship.

Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports app uses geolocation for offering updates about their personalized sports and covers real-time telecast of international leagues and competitions. Users can also personalize Yahoo! Sports app by selecting their favourite teams, associations as well as players. The features of the app include text alerts, themes (both light and dark), customizable screen orientation change and breaking news alerts.


This app is owned by a Canadian digital media company and is one of the best sports apps available. As listed on its official website, the app provides ‘real-time scores, stats, news about teams and sports. It also alerts the user when a game starts and about the score changes. They can also set up notifications of major sports like football, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, mixed martial arts, racing and lacrosse. The alerts in the app can be grouped, and it is also possible to update leagues and scores order.

Bleacher Report

This app primarily features national sports coverage. The app informs users when a player is injured during the season, which player was traded, offers game stats as well as reviews. You can also select a team, player, league or sport of your choice and the app will load all related articles in “My Teams” section. The social media integration feature of the app is excellent, and each information is shareable.

 FOX Sports

Famous sports brand FOX Sports gives news, scores and alerts to its followers. They can also sign in with their social media accounts. The app uses the current location and provides regional sports news for the users. The FOX Sports app offers varied features- followers can set alerts for crucial games or plays, and the app will show game alerts in a single notification. There is also a virtual reality feature where users will get a 360 view of fans.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports offers real-time news, scores, and stats. Users need to sign in with a Facebook or Google account and add their favourite teams so that they will have faster access to scores, news, and schedules. The app can also give information about the local teams using the location feature. CBA Sports is really fast, and the user will regularly get announcements about the biggest stories in sports. There is also a TV schedule where the user can select a TV provider with their current location and watch it like a regular TV.

BBC Sport

This is another excellent app for sports news and coverage. BBC Sports is mainly focused on sports from the Foggy Albion, sports like football, Formula 1, rugby, cricket, tennis, and golf. As for the other games, the app gives brief information along with links so that a user can keep track of almost every game.

MSN Sports

MSN Sports, developed by Microsoft Corporation, is the perfect app for any sports fan. It provides broad coverage of hockey, football, basketball, golf, cricket, rugby, all kinds of soccer for Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. There are thousands of teams and over hundred of leagues. You can find profiles of players with trending stories, photos and social posts about them. There are slideshows.


This is one of the most excellent apps for sports lovers and users can get everything about their favorite sports: scores, fast notifications, video, stats, standings and schedule, information on teams and players, 1000 leagues+ and many more from across the world. 365Scores app provides online 3D game-tracker. The 360 visualization of a game allows the user to view positional data and to keep track of the highlights of the game.


If you are a follower who wants only the scores and standings rather than any in-depth analysis of a player, this is the app for them. LiveScore app is one of the fastest apps when it comes to updates about scores. The app offers results and scores for different sports leagues and is fast even on a slow internet connection.