Imagine one of those sci-fi movies wherein you have to spy on the enemy of your nation to stop him from attacking the innocent people of your country. Sending a human spy is an extremely risky thing to do. Then what would you do? How can you spy on someone 24 hours without grabbing attention? Come up with a spy cam in the form of an insect and buzz it wherever the enemy goes. I know it sounds really cool yet fictional. But a couple of scientists have made this sci-fi dream come true. The Cyborg Dragonfly is one such drone which will remind you of all your fictional fantasies.

 Just when we thought that drones were at the peak of their technology, these scientists came up with an amalgamation of cyborgs and such drones. At the first glance, a layman won’t even recognize that the cyborg is a drone. It just seems to be a regular dragonfly. But on a magnified look, it strikes us that the dragonfly is bearing the weight of a miniature machine on it. We are talking about the Cyborg Dragonfly. DragonflyEye is a project by a biomedical solutions company, Draper.


DragonflyEye is a project which by a biomedical solutions company, Draper.

Ability of this Cyborg Dragonfly

The sole purpose of Draper is to convert ordinary dragonflies into insects. This is done by genetically modifying them into cyborgs. Such a Cyborg Dragonfly has an energy-harvesting solar backpack. This backpack is under absolute human control so that one can avoid any kind of catastrophe that may take place. The DragonflyEye’s basic concept is to make even a technological device as close to nature as possible. The tiniest drone buzzes around in the natural habitat.

During the month of February, this Cyborg Dragonfly was in a conceptual stage. This DragonflyEye carries a cute little backpack. This consists of sensors, electronics, and a live cell for the survival of the insect. The maiden flight of the tiniest drone was conducted successfully. The operators will control this drone by sending pulses of light to definite neurons present in its brain. This gives the operator the freedom to control the cyborg even from remote areas. The irony of this piece of technology is that it seems intriguing yet creepy. But one can ascertain that this is the most camouflaged drone one can ever find.