Spotify Pie is the new cool for music-loving netizens. The latest tool, developed by a computer science student, has added spice to the entertainment for the melody lovers. 

We all know that Spotify is now a big player in the music streaming arena. With more than 489 million monthly active users, of which a staggering 205 million happen to be paying subscribers (data as of December 2022), the Stockholm-headquartered shares a bitter-sweet rivalry with Apple Music. 

For the uninitiated, Apple has sprung a surprise with the launch of the Apple Music Classical, last month. The dedicated app for a never-like-before classical music experience, has got quite a fanfare and certainly strengthened the brand’s bid to become a strong challenger to the Swedish music-streaming giant. 

But the Spotify Pie has made things quite interesting, despite being a third-party app. Let’s tune in to the prelude that’s in the air and try to guess the song. 

Spotify Pie Chart

The young guns and even the not-so young guns, are simply overwhelmed by the supercool, fun-filled, colorful pie charts of their own music listening experience on Spotify. [Image Credit: Spotify Pie]

Spotify Pie Creates a Fresh Stir

At present, Spotify enjoys sheer dominance in the global music scene, as even Apple Music comes a distant second to it, with only 88 million subscribers. And only last month, Spotify came up with a revamped UI, which has gone in its favor, as Spotify lovers across the world embraced it with open arms. 

Now, with the arrival of the all-new Spotify Pie on the scene, there’s again a renewed interest among music aficionados as well as the Spotify die-hards. This happens to be a supercool music tool that allows you to look at an exclusive pie chart, created from your last-month’s music listening experience on Spotify and share the same on social media. 

That’s why, though Spotify itself hasn’t created this tool, it is reaping big time benefits from the fact that these days, people have developed a strong tendency to share their favorite playlists on social media. Spotify Pie is providing music lovers with unique pie charts of their listening history, which breaks the whole experience in terms of various genres. 

It goes without saying that the tool has become viral and there’s a new wave of posts all across social media. The young guns and even the not-so young guns, are simply overwhelmed by the supercool, fun-filled, colorful pie charts of their own music listening experience on Spotify. 

However, something similar was already there, though once in a blue moon, in the form of the annual event Spotify Wrapped, usually hosted in the month of December by the music streaming-giant itself. But now, thanks to Darren Huang, a computer science student at University of California, in Los Angeles, United States, music lovers can enjoy this exciting feature throughout the year. 

Meanwhile, Darren has revealed how it came into being — “I originally set up the Spotify Pie as a way to fill my time because I would get very bored in between classes, waiting at castings, car rides.” 

Huang further shed light on the process that gave birth to this overnight sensation, “I just requested data from Spotify’s API [application programming interface] and presented it in a pretty way that would garner attention on social media – big font, pretty colors, diagrams.” 

However, there’s a catch. With the growing concern over data breaches, globally, the question remains, is it safe to share your personal data with a third-party app. But as of now, there’s no looking back for Spotify Pie, as #spotifypie continues to trend on Twitter. 

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