celebrity stalking

Is celebrity stalking your cardio? Then StarSightings is the app for you.

With evolving technology, it has become easier for a celebrity to get more and more popular by sharing their personal life on the social media sites. Celebs can attract millions of “friends” and “followers” with their social media accounts to share insights of their personal life. Such increased popularity and attention helps them to get greater sales of music or movies, which further leads to yet more attention.

This continuous media attention either generated by celebs themselves or by aggressive social networking or paparazzi has hindered privacy in their life.

StarSightings is a celebrity stalking app that would allow you to keep track of all the activities of your favorite celeb. You can view their most recent locations, their social media photos and the images captured by some of the paparazzis. The app will also keep you updated regarding the events happening in your city or some of the major events that take place around the world. You can follow your favorite stars and get their live photo streams, get updated with mobile alerts so that you never miss a beat.

You can also capture your own celebrity sightings and share it on the app, may it be from airport travel, concert, restaurants or red carpet. You can also get some recognition in the process, as your photos can be viewed by everyone including fans and celebrities themselves.

With continuous celebrity stalking, you are updated with what your favorite celeb is wearing today, who are they hanging out with, and where are they heading next, it may just seem interesting to you. But you should also consider that there are people out there who would act on that information.