With the increase in consumption of junk food and unhealthy lifestyle habits, it has become really important to balance these harmful habits with some healthy workout. To keep up with busy schedules and lack of motivation, one often ends up ignoring the workout regime. Keeping in mind various such factors, Stealth is a home gym device for convenient core workouts.

The main aim of Stealth is to make working out an entertaining experience instead of a boring one. People tend to get lethargic on the mention of working out but if the workout entertains them at the same time, then it appeals to them. This is when Stealth comes into the picture and aims to make workout appealing. Stealth is a device which helps one conduct the core workout regime while enjoying a gaming experience.

Stealth Enables Sculpting Abs

Stealth Enables Sculpting Abs

Stealth is the first interactive core gym equipment.

How does Stealth help in making workout interactive

Stealth is said to be the world’s first interactive core trainer. This is a home gym device which is beneficial for conducting workout regimes for the core part of the body. The plank is considered a dull exercise by a majority of the people, but it is the most effective one in order to sculpt abs. The creator of Stealth, Howards Panes said that the main objective of this device is to make a plank interesting and interactive. This will motivate the people to work out even if they have limited time on their hands.

The idea behind this home gym device is that as the user will be busy playing a game on his smartphone, he won’t realize that he has already undergone an aggressive workout routine. This is because all the attention of the user is on the game, which helps in increasing his stamina as well. The best part about Stealth is that one does not need to dedicate much time like needed for a gym session. Just a three-minute session is enough to work on those abs one is wishing for. Also, it saves a lot of time instead of going to a gym and exercising. Even in a coffee break in office, one can take a break and play games on the Stealth to attain the perfect abs.

How does it work

The exercise equipment is in the form on an inverted Bosu, in which one can place his smartphone. On the smartphone, install the Stealth gaming app. This app is in sync with the exercise equipment with various gaming challenges installed in it. By using the smartphone’s in-built accelerometer, the user’s body acts like a makeshift joystick for the game. The user can play games on this app by tilting his body as a part of the core workout regime. Stealth is a kind of a coach: it not only motivates to workout but also keeps a check on it. The gym device is available on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter at a price of $99 on pre-order.