Steam Next Fest Best Games are simply running riot across the global gaming community. Every other big thing has taken a back seat as the flagship event of Valve Corporation becomes the talk of the game world, throughout the different online forums. Be it popular gaming community channels like Discord and Twitch or leading social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, they are almost everywhere.

It’s true that endless lists of Steam Next Fest Best Games are doing the rounds on the internet. They are also giving birth to heated debates on the internet. But then what’s the need of another such list from Technowize. The answer is plain and simple. For, the one by us, is probably the most extensive one available at the moment and it doesn’t just add to the numbers. 

Time and again we have churned out helpful lists of hot games for you. Be it the Best Horror Games to play during Halloween, or the Best Multiplayer Games on Steam – we have managed to strike a chord with you. This time too, we have created this list after considering many important aspects. 

Let’s put on our gaming hat to figure out the Steam Next Fest top games, the demos of which are playable now on Steampowered. Here we go! 

Steam Next Fest Top Games

The beautiful pixel-art looks class apart and thanks to the gripping gameplay, things can go absolutely down to the wire in Sons of Valhalla. [Image Credit: Steam]

Steam Next Fest Best Games: The Ones to Bookmark 

This year’s Steam Next Fest is now live. Gamers from almost every nook and corner of the world are trying the demos available out there. All of these demos serve as a great tool to predict how the world gaming industry might shape itself in the coming months. For your information, all the demos on display, which are playable, are of the games which are in making and likely to release over the next couple of months. 

The 2023 Steam Next Fest demos are now probably the hottest property in the entire gaming universe. There are hundreds of games spreading across different genres. Therefore, chances are fair that you might encounter with a problem of plenty. For that reason, let’s go through our curated list, in which we have tried to incorporate games from various genres. 


Developed and published by Pmurph Games, Golfinite is a cool golf game that involves traits of adventure and RPGs despite primarily being a sports game. You can rise through the ranks to be a pro golfer from a rookie, competing across 4 unique regions. 

The animation is simple, minimalist and cool enough to win hearts, amidst evoking a bit of nostalgia – flashes of the video games you used to play during your childhood days, might pop up. Golfinite is slated to release in April, 2023. The game is worth trying, for sure. 

Sons of Valhalla

This strategy game is really out of the box and looks entertaining enough to keep you hooked for hours. Developed by Pixel Chest and published by Hooded Horse, Sons of Valhalla happens to be a thrilling game set in the Viking Age. 

To our utter amusement, it manages amalgamate side-scrolling combat and base-building strategy, with almost effortless ease. The beautiful pixel-art looks class apart and thanks to the gripping gameplay, things can go absolutely down to the wire. For your information, it already has the coveted Indie of the Year accolade up its sleeve, which surely speaks volumes about its sheer quality. 

In a nutshell, both of these games are top-notch and you can give them a shot without much hesitation. Stay tuned with us. We will get back to you with detailed reviews of these games when they will be out later this year. Happy gaming!