Is it possible that stem cells can be a root cause for common form of cancers? Well, a startup firm known as Stemcentrx believes so.

Talk About Stemcentrx

Silicon Valley is familiar with the private and rapidly growing imminent tech companies that are worth a million dollars mostly, like Square, Uber, and Calico. The same phenomenon is widely spreading to the biotechnology fields, where all the investors are throwing their pennies in a huge amount at firms, which promise to smack away the historically lower odds of drug success rates.

Stemcentrx feels that its chances are better than the average ones. Their founders have hired silvery pros biotech, established a factory- floor enclosed by glass doors where company is preparing its own drugs for experiments, and build a vivarium that consists of 18,000 white mice.

Brian Slingerland says that these drugs will behave like “laser guided missiles attached to atomic bombs.” The company is making moves to drop its charges on minimum 10 types of cancer in the coming years.

Economy and Experiments at Stemcentrx

It is an unusual firm because it is championing on a vague scientific idea that is not universally accepted.  Most common theory revolving around cancer is that it is not caused by any cell that turns bad, but by powerful and rare cancer stem cells.

Stemcentrx last month, closed its financial round of 250 million dollars. The mutual fund goliath, Fidelity, brought the investors, claiming that IPO plans cannot be far away. Various other companies that are aiming at cancer stem cells involve public company names like Verastem and OncoMed.

Monday marked as a brand new step for the company as the doctors associated with the firm presented the reports of its first ever trial in clinic over this breakthrough experiment, in Denver at a lung cancer meeting. They presented results for a drug that is an antibody, which it manufactures, and further said that it targets stem cells which cause smaller cells lung cancer.

The study involved 80 people in it and organized primarily a way to find a safer drug dose. These drugs are efficient and the hints look promising.

The aspect of design by the firm is very expensive and methodical, for zeroing the main culprit in the tumor. It is done by imbedding freshly acquired human cancer bits into mouse skin with a null immune system, known as xenograft. The cancer, which multiplies is gathered and sliced into various cell types. Afterwards, each fraction is transferred into other one. The process, known as “limiting dilution,” repeats until a rare cell is found that never breaks down to recreate an identical tumor like original. That is the cancer stem cell.

Few labs prefer to study the cancer stem cells by letting it grow in a petri dish, the place where they generate blobs termed as “spheroids.” It is an economical and faster drug study method, but not accurate.

Stemcentrx Aim

The aim is not only to figure out that rare cell generates cancer but also a molecular marker that is unique and capable of identifying it. It was also made to discover a protein that is named as DLL3; that appears as the stem cell responsible for the cancer cause. The drug they have developed to destroy these cells is basically a chemical toxin, antibody linked, which attaches itself to this protein in a lock and key style.

Tumors from six hundred various people and from a ten different types of cancer are grown inside mice at this company. They believe that if their drugs can successfully cure the animals than there are higher chances for people’s cure. To justify its valuation, the company probably needs a rate of success that will be around 3 times the average of biotech.