Stockholm-based start-up company Teemyco recently announced that it had raised $1m as a part of a seed funding round. The virtual-office provider technology is at present in beta mode but recently saw “a massive spike” in its demand during the pandemic. With COVID-19 forcing people to be indoors, and most organizations forcing their employees to work from home, the demand is not surprising at all! The company is at present trialled by companies like Kognity, AppJobs, eHealth app and Wetaca. Start-up Teemyco stated that around 5,000 people are at present on a waiting list.

Virtual office startup Teemyco

Virtual office startup

The recent funding round, which is the second funding by Teemyco, was led by VC Luminar Ventures. The funding round was oversubscribed, and they received contributions from early-stage VC firm Antler, as well as from recruitment firm Gazella in addition to several investors. Teemyco stated that the investment done will help it unveil its service soon and recruit new employees. Teemyco was founded in 2019 by software engineer and machine-learning expert Oleg Danylenko with strategist, marketer and recruitment consultant Charlotte Ekelund. The company has since its inception grown to a team of a total of nine members, with Danylenko as CTO and Ekelund as CEO.

“When we first conceptualized the company around 12 months ago, we never predicted anything about the explosive growth in remote working that COVID-19 created,” Ekelund stated. “Strategically, at the present times, we’re trying our best to redefine and broaden the virtual office space by letting users break free from being restricted to digital ‘home’ office. The idea is also to encourage people to interact more with their colleagues virtually.”

Virtual Office Start-up Teemyco

With the technology from Teemyco, users can now see what is going on in a virtual office space, and they can share the space with colleagues. Teemyco aims at bringing office interactions in a digital environment. Users can select a room to work beside their colleague, enter a meeting room for proactive video calls, or even spend time in the virtual coffee room. According to Danylenko, the process of remote working “is much more than simply working virtually from home or a beach. We are looking into a future where people’s skills will determine whether the person can join the best companies, or not. We are delighted and excited to be a part of making this future and creating offices online virtually where great things would happen without people having to share the same coffee machine”, he stated.

About Teemyco Startup:

Teemyco is a virtual workplace destination where people can collaborate with their teams virtually and efficiently. It’s a virtual office venue where important meetings, ad hoc brainstorm sessions, or even celebrations among colleagues, will be shared. Teemyco will provide the team with various virtual rooms to customize according to their requirements.  The company started in September 2019, when the founders Oleg Danylenko and Charlotte Ekelund connected over a VC start-up generator Antler. Teemyco is the remote first organization. Many of the team members of Teemyco have only ever met in their virtual office in Stockholm, as they are located across the globe.