Peach AppPeach App, from the makers of popular application Vine, is yet another application to join the squad of messaging platforms for Smartphones.

Peach, is a network for sharing life updates with friends who are using this app. In a similar manner to that of Facebook and Twitter, Peach App allows you to share your location, GIFs, and videos. You can also share the music you are currently listening to, or information regarding the hours of work out at the gym. You can share a photo, make it your profile picture, and like posts from other users’ like you have been doing on Facebook and Twitter. The application allows you to use its ‘Magic Words’ to perform the above-mentioned activities.

Peach App is available for iPhone via Apple Store, and it looks a lot like Instagram, Facebook, Slack, and Twitter.

The functionally of the app is very similar to that of Slack and various other applications that utilize bots in order to automate specific tasks. The app already appears to be going crazily viral.

People are quite excited about this app and embraced it with a very warm affection and love.


Peach Vine App

Peach has easily managed to strike the right chord with the community of tech entrepreneurs, tech investors, and tech journalists. The community is popular by the name of “Tech Twitter”. The people in this community are early adopters of everything and anything, which tech aficionados and cool techies start using at a primary step. This group went on to Twitter to discuss this app, and then people rushed to download the stuff from the Apple store to check out what the conversation is all about.

If you type the letters ‘GIF’, you can find and share a file having GIF image. Similarly, using the command ‘Draw’, you can sketch a doodle. By typing ‘Song,’ you can share the song you are currently listening to with your friends using the app.

It is a pretty interesting application, created by Dom Hofmann, creator of Vine, which is an online service for sharing small videos.

The description of the app on Apple store reads, “Peach is a refreshingly fun and simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself. Share tiny updates as you go through your day. Posting is as easy as texting ‘with a twist’.”

Have you downloaded it yet?

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