Have you watched Sunspring? Yeah, I’m talking about the sci-fi movie written by an AI that is so bizarre and uncanny. If you have, you would be tearing your hair out, trying to understand what exactly happened in that video.

Well, if you haven’t already watched it, it would be next to impossible for me to explain what I’m talking about. So, here is the short sci-fi movie that was premiered by Ars Technica:

(I’m Sorry.)

Yeah, so did you get any of that? Neither did I. Maybe we are too dumb to understand what this AI screenwriter has to convey or maybe it is totally bizarre, full of random stuff! (I think the latter one is more likely and reasonable!)

Knowing that the movie was written by an AI and that the director Oscar Sharp made the movie within 48 hours for the annual film festival Sci-Fi London makes it more fun to watch. The film festival for which the movie was made is a 48-hour film challenge that requires contestants to create a movie that features certain prompts (props and lines) that need to appear in the film they make within next 48 hours. Ross Goodwin, an AI researcher, supplied the AI screenwriter (called Jetson) to Sharp. After the LSTM Recurrent Neural Network was fed with a lot of different types of movies, and the prompts were added, the AI generated the screenplay of the sci-fi movie that was supposed to be named as Sunspring.


We’re Confused Too!

Here is what I understood and that too thanks to the director of the movie Oscar Sharp:

Sunspring is about three characters staying in a peculiar future, maybe in space. The characters clearly display they stay in a near future as H (Silicon Valley fame Thomas Middleditch) is wearing some robot-like jacket, H2 (Elisabeth Gray) is fiddling with computers, and C (Humphrey Ker) says that he has to “go to skull” as if he goes there all the time and then exposes his face to a source of green lights. Also, there is a love triangle and a murder, which makes the movie romantic and intense. But it still is super weird with all the space room, eyeballs, robotic costumes, “going to skull”, vomits, and super long and nonsense dialogues that says nothing sensible but is stuffed with all the random things.

So, all the script writers out there don’t need to worry if their positions will soon be occupied with robots. After watching the video, I highly doubt that artificial intelligence is any good for doing any of the tasks that humans currently do, especially those that has an emotional or social side to it. Our jobs are safe, at least for now.

Okay Benjamin (the AI then renamed itself Benjamin), we get the whole thing of making a sci-fi movie with a jumbled plot, but isn’t it too much? And what’s with vomiting eyeballs for god’s sake?

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