Microsoft Corp. will take the stage at an event in New York tomorrow to show off some of its new products. While it isn’t clear if the Redmond-headquartered tech giant will show off a new Surface Laptop, tipster WalkingCat took into his own hands to leak a few Microsoft Surface laptop pictures and specs on Twitter.

The laptop will include a 13.5-inch PixelSense display, an Alacantara keyword, and the same fabric option used on the premium Surface Pro 4 keyboard option. A tweet by WalkingCat @h0x0d reveals an ultra-slim laptop, which might be Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chromebook Pixel. The tweet says, “Surface Laptop: 13.5-in PixelSense display, 4 colors (Platinum / Burgundy/ Cobalt Blue/ Graphite Gold), Alcantara-covered keyboard, Windows 10 S.”

Check out the tweet below

The Surface device in Burgundy and Cobalt Blue looks really cool.

As of yet, the other hardware specifications are unclear. However, the Surface Laptop leaked images reveal that there will be a regular USB port, mini DisplayPort, and the conventional Surface power connector.

Check out the tweet below

Where’s the USB C-port?

Surprisingly, Microsoft takes the primitive route while a slew of competitors adopts to the USB Type C-port and thunderbolt. The 360-degree view reveals a few ports, which could be USB, DisplayPort, and a headphone jack. While on the other side is a Surface Doc connector.

Considering Thunderbolt isn’t exactly cheap, the decision to not include it only makes sense if Microsoft is aiming to create an inexpensive device; something below the $700 price belt.


We admit we’re in awe of the Burgundy Surface Laptop! (Image Source: WalkingCat)

The computer will run on Windows 10 S, a cloud-optimized version of the OS that will compete with Google’s Chrome OS. It’s a hair thinner than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, at 2.76 lbs and 14.47mm thickness.

From the Surface Laptop specs, it looks like it could take on laptops from MacBooks to Chromebooks. Previously Surface Laptop leaked documents have shown that it will come with the quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, 32 or 64GB storage, and will run Win32 apps as well as apps from the Universal Windows App platforms. In addition, the device will come with 10 hours of battery life.

All the tweets and pictures from WalkingCat appear totally legit. It’s not the first time that the tipster has teased us with the goodies. We’re expecting more to follow tomorrow morning starting at 9:30AM ET.