Microsoft’s new Surface laptop studio is top-of-line, sleek, and a must-have for every creator out there. However, if you paid less attention, you might end up mistaking it for Apple’s MacBook Pro design due to its Keyboard and trackpad layout, its rounded corners and even the ports!  

In this article, we will be highlighting features of the Surface laptop Studio while giving precise insights on what to expect upon purchase.  

Price And Availability

The Surface Studios doesn’t come cheap: it starts at $1,599. Additionally, this machine has less access to high-end chips or graphic cards, and it is well configured with an intel core of 11th Gen, 256GB NVMe SSD, and a RAM of 16GB. Furthermore, the Surface SSD is detachable to make upgrading a breeze.   


The top half of the laptop studio is a little bit sturdier than a regular laptop lid; other than that, it is normal when in use as a typical PC.  

It’s challenging to pull the screen forward because you have to lift up and bend the top half backward until the magnets that keep the bottom half in position release. Then, you can move it closer to yourself for easy access.

Surface Laptop Studios

A heavy price will get you a must-have sleek Surface Laptop.


The Laptop Studio features bright, colorful displays. The screen display features a 14.4-inch touch plus a pixel of 2400×1600 and a refresh rate of 120Hz. It measures 12.7×8.9×0.7-inch and weighs 3.8-4 Pounds. The screen gives off an excellent surface for video streams, and for gaming enthusiasts, the refresh rate is top-notch. This is because less effort is being put in when you have a screen with a high refresh rate. This means that its response to inputs will be faster, and therefore working on such a screen would feel more accessible.  


If you plan on putting the Studio up to a 4k external display, the thunderbolt four-port is just the one for you. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not give much to function with regards to port availability. On the left side of the Laptop Studio, you get the Thunderbolt 4/ USB-C port, and on the right side, the headphone jack and surface connect port. 

Taking out the surface connect port should give the machine an opening for additional ports like the micro-SD card port, which would be essential for taking off device photos and more.  

Surface Laptop

Laptop Studio is here to add a blissful music to your ears.


The music they say is man’s get-away from the world, and the laptop Studio has done justice to the sound it emits. The unmistakable sound is a result of tweeters that kick up right from the keyboard and the subwoofer that kicks upright through the sides. 

The laptop Studio sure delivers when it comes to excellent sounds that are pleasing to the ears.  


The Laptop Studio features a 1080P camera, and, indeed, it gives you fantastic quality on video calls. It also features an IR built-in camera used for facial recognition via windows. The IR built-in camera supports Windows Hello2.0. As a result of its facial recognition feature, Microsoft has put out claims that the functionality of the Laptop Studio should be sharper and more accessible than ever experienced.  

The general idea behind facial authentication is that even with an eyewear or a mask, it should be easier to access due to the upgrades made on how the Window Hello works.  

Laptop Studio

The Surface laptop Studio battery power depends on your purchase of the Core i5 or i7.


The Surface laptop Studio battery power depends on your purchase of the Core i5 or i7. However, the battery on a single charge is sure to last up to 18 or 19 hours, giving you time to enjoy your videos, music, or webstream. Now, this is amazing!


While the Surface laptop Studio has a lot to offer in terms of performance, battery life, sleek design, and storage, it does come at a heavy price. If you are willing to spend over $1000 on a PC, then this one is good to go. However, there are many brands out there with similar features at a lesser price tag.