Apple faces lawsuit for knowingly selling defective cable

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit for knowingly selling its defective 2016 MacBook Pro display cables. Judge Edward Davila ruled that "Apple…

2 months ago

Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini Price, Features, Specs and More

Pro Display XDR device Apple Silicon M1 Mac mini features is compatible with SoC tool and have features like unified…

6 months ago

Foxconn to Shift Production of iPads and Macs to Vietnam

Apple is planning to move production of some of its iPads and MacBooks to Taiwan, according to a Reuters report.…

7 months ago

Apple Released New iOs 14.2 to Resolve Issues of iPhone 12 Mini

Apple iPhone 12 procured a new update which fixes a lot of previously noticed bugs and glitches with iOs 14.2

7 months ago

Apple HomePod Mini-series : An Excellent Alternative to Smart Devices

Apple gives you the best alternative for all the smart devices combines with its HomePod mini series. It gives out…

7 months ago

Apple iPad Air 4 Review : Features, Functionality & More

The most awaited Apple iPad Air 4 review is here. Is Apple's latest device the one to buy? Let's find…

7 months ago

Apple launches 3 new Macs powered by in-house M1 chip

Apple unveiled three new Macs on Tuesday, powered by its own M1 chip, which it had announced earlier.

7 months ago

Apple applies portable hydrogen fuel cell tech to power devices

Apple is moving forward in its environmentally friendly efforts with a hydrogen fuel cell technology to power its devices.

8 months ago

Epic Games and Apple take the Battle to Court for Fortnite

There is an epic war being played out for the future of the gaming industry between two behemoths in their…

10 months ago

iOS Shortcut ‘Hey Siri, I’m being pulled over’ Gains Traction in the US

A Redditor, Robert Petersen, created this app in 2018. He recently updated it and fixed all bugs and relaunched it…

12 months ago