Intel’s Neuromorphic Chip to Assist Wheelchair-bound Children

The new neuromorphic chip from Intel can now smell and touch, and it is here to help people. The chip…

2 months ago

More than 20GB of Intel Source Code and Proprietary Data Dumped Online

Hackers dump a total of 20GB of Intel’s Confidential Data Online from partner and customer resource centre.

3 months ago

Intel teases Xe GPU from Intel’s Folsom Labs

Intel's graphics head Raja Koduri took to Twitter to tease Folsom Lab's all new Xe dGPUs, named as the Big…

4 months ago

Intel takes steps to make Thunderbolt 3 port mainstream

Intel has always been leading the tech industry in I/O innovation. With the help of USB, the chipmaker opened doors for…

3 years ago

Intel Announces Low-Cost Apollo Lake Platform that Promises Slimmer, Affordable PCs

At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Shenzen, the company officially announced its new low-cost Apollo Lake platform, which will…

5 years ago

Intel’s New Hack-Proof Authentication Technology Secret

At IFA conference in Berlin last year, Intel showed off the 6th gen Core and Xeon processor families. The new…

5 years ago

Intel is trying not to rely on PCs

In 2016, with PCs market declining, Intel’s goal is to lower its reliance on PCs. The market for Personal computers…

5 years ago

Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix team up for an open source Video Codec

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel Corporation, Netflix and Mozilla are the founding members of the collaboration, which is said to…

5 years ago

A new class memory: 3D XPoint Storage Technology by Intel and Micron

Ever thought about using a storage technology that is 1000x faster than current SSDs? Well, your wait is over! Intel…

5 years ago